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A common sense trade you can consider especially if your zayed in the USA where you.

Pretty much have to drive an automobile to get around now if you’ve been paying attention over the.

Last year so you’ve likely seen various versions of this current S&P 500 stocks versus commodity index chart basically the chart screams buy commodities at the moment they’re cheap it said the same thing in the early.
1970s before the 1987 crash in 1999 and now.

The chart doesn’t go back to 1929 but as you likely know near the end of manias and market bubbles there are often other anecdotal signs if you look hard enough for instance the.

Falling was written in the book an empire of wealth page 314 you’ll likely notice some similarities to today by the summer of 1929 Wall Street and its millions of customers were deeply out of touch with the underlying economy visions of riches danced in their heads brokers boardrooms were full of people watching prices and even normally sensible and knowledgeable people were caught up in the frenzy The Saturday.

Evening Post printed a poem that summer that caught the mood of the country oh hush Steve my babe grannies bought some more shares daddy’s gone out to play with Bulls and the Bears mother’s buying on tips and she simply can’t lose and baby she’ll have some expensive new shoes for those simply listening I am now showing another iconic image from late October 1929 the picture shows a man dressed in a nice slick suit and top hat.

Is Walter Thornton he stands next to a now highly collectible Chrysler Imperial roaster a late 1920s 2-door convertible model now you car buffs out.

There you might be able to tell me the exact year inversion but it appears to me to be a 9 18:28 or 1929 model which conservatively retailed for just one thousand six hundred US dollars back when it was sold in the late 1920s Walters homemade sign sits on the car now surrounded by onlookers it reads in bold black letters a hundred dollars will buy this car must have cash lost all in the stock.

Market now think about this this guy likely bought this car new for over 70 ounces of gold back then and there he is only months later looking to sell it for about five ounces of gold value pre confiscation I’m not saying something that dramatic is going.

To happen in the years to come but similar scenarios are taking shape here’s the US car loan market today over 1.

Car loans an all-time record we’re now almost 50 percent above where.

In 2006-2007 housing bubble era here’s the trade on describing in early May of 2011 a colleague.

Of mine decided to convert some silver profits into a gently used car guy bought a mint toyota 4runner with only 33,000 miles on it for just over 17 grand back in early May of 2011 silver was trading around 43 dollars an ounce the 400 ounces of silver he used to buy the SUV he had acquired only a few years prior for well under $10,000 that guy is still driving the same fully.

Paid for car today no issues what I’m suggesting is that you save some bullion diligently.

Right now for when the next bubble is burst there should be more assets like gently used cars which will be on fire sale again let the mopes continue to take on consumer debts once these debts start going bad.

And potential financial spill overs ensue you will likely be able to go buy their assets from them at huge discounts save hard and start preparing your shopping lists that’s all for this week thanks for tuning in next week we will likely have Roy Friedman.

On to discuss the physical bullion market dynamics as he sees them then if you’re watching on YouTube I.

Will need to follow up videos for.

You to check out one is an evergreen video on silver bullion investing in 2018 the other is a new video I saw today on another channel which is in the first five minutes covers some important points in an article I wrote about honesty bullion this past July 2018 the video covers how worldwide record debt levels have now passed the 250 trillion dollar mark or quarter quadrillion dollar.

Level these are hard dead figures and of course they’re hard to wrap your mind around because they’re so large and these are not merely they’re not even shadow bank through the bets that these are hard dead numbers and they’re very large in size and scope the.

First five minutes of the video are full of verifiable facts which.

We should all be cognizant of especially as the US.

Dollar strengthened against other some recently bought 14 trillion dollars in u. dollar denominated emerging market debts this is a reason why turkeys having trouble and Argentina.


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