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And start buying into other asset classes if they’ve gone down from their valuations as you know as they are today but I’d like to hear from you which.

Camp you’re in in the comments below in the youtube channel let me know which camp are you n are you someone looking to sell as soon as you can breakeven are you looking to hold on and you think that the prices and values are going to go much higher in.

The future my bet is you may be a mix of both – what else is going on this week as we saw silver spot prices revisit their late 2015 lows in the middle $14 an.

Ounce range as the bullion had its largest one-day of customer bullion buying ever the.

Mainstream and even alternative media rumors of vanishing bullion buyers are somewhat exaggerated most of these claims are made by people who.

Only look at brand-new US Mint coin sales charts they have little to no insight into secondary bullion product sales volumes which can often month-on-month be.

More than half the sales volumes again these are not reported in the domaine and so what you read on Bloomberg for instance when they tell you that gold coin sales are at the lowest level.

They’ve been since 2007 that’s half the story occasionally I write content which gets posted on SD billions new website this past July I wrote an article there entitled the silver gold price drops 2018 to 2008 question mark in the article which I’ll link in the show notes below I described what life.
Was like in the bullion industry in the fall of 2008 explicitly I said I.

Described what the downward price action did to the retail on wholesale physical bullion markets and you can find old charts showing how high product price premiums.

Got to back then you can also find way backlinks to show you bullion dealer websites that virtually had no products to sell from early spring 2008 to late fall.

Of 2008 we went from 1,000 to $700 an ounce gold and 21 to just under $9 ounce silver obviously.

We know what happened from there we went from $9 an ounce silver up to 50 bucks $700 an ounce gold up to $1,900 and that happened within a matter of I don’t know roughly two and a half to three years could we be seeing the same thing going on right now I don’t know neither do you possibly there’s a combination of lower precious metal prices that will be needed for longer.

As well as some sort of crisis in one or two major asset classes to begin seeing bullion products vanish.

And price premiums gap out similar to what we saw back then next week we plan on delving into more insights into the physical bullion markets current premiums and supply demand dynamics with Roy Friedman a longtime US mint ap wholesaler trader we’ve had him on before I.

Believe in October 2017 so definitely looking forward to hearing what’s going.

On with him today I expect we’ll likely glean some further insights into what’s happening in the retail and wholesale physical bullion markets as well if and or potentially when.

We may begin to see product price premiums gap and possible shortages who knows a potential trade we’re about to talk about.


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