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Shucks burro inscription look from afar at the eighteenth-century shepherds monument in Staffordshire England and you might take it as nothing more than a sculpted recreation of Nicholas Poussin’s famous painting Arcadian Shepherd’s look closer though and you’ll notice a curious sequence of letters do you owe SVA vvm a coat that has eluded decipherment for over 250 years dotted has.

Never been satisfactorily explained and has been called one of the world’s top uncracked cipher texts the inscription.
Became widely known after being mentioned in.

The 1982 book the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail B Michael agent Richard Lee and Henry Lincoln though the identity of the code carver remains a mystery some have speculated that the code could be a clue left behind by the Knights Templar about the whereabouts of the Holy Grail many of.

The world’s greatest minds have tried to crack the code and failed including Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin the monument was built sometime between 1748 and 1763 commissioned by Thomas Anson paid for by his brother Admiral George Anson and fashioned by the Flemish sculptor Peter XI makers the relief copy of the pusun.

Painting is contained within a rustic arch and shows a woman in.

Three shepherds two of whom are pointing to a tomb on the tomb is carved the–let and text.
At an Arcadia ego I am also in Arcadia I am even.

In Arcadia the carving displays a number of small alterations from the original painting and an extra sarcophagus has been placed on top of.

The main tune above the person seen our two stone heads one showing a smiling bald-headed man the other bearing a likeness to the goat horned Greek god Pan below.

The relief carving on the monument and unknown craftsman carved the mysterious eight letters contained within the letters DM on roaming tombs the letters DM commonly stood for dis mana base meaning dedicated to the shades one suggestion is that the eight letters are a coded dedication by George Anson to his deceased wife in 1951 mortared Bishop speculated that the letters might be an acronym for the.

Latin phrase optimi Luke’s wrist optimi Saurus vigilantism us both at virtue Debus best of wives best of sisters a most devoted widower dedicates this to your virtues Steve regional interprets the letters of standing for a new Latin translation of the phrase vanity of vanities st.

All is vanity Nicklaus iasts 12-8 namely orator out omnia sunt Vanitas 8 Vanitas venir him he has speculated that the phrase may be the source of the earlier inscription omnia Vanitas which may have been carved on an alcove at the estate of one of thomas Anson’s associates george littleton former NSA linguist keith massey interprets the letters as an acronym for the Latin grace or illuminance a quantifier mad Vera madam I pray that all may follow the way to true life in reference to the biblical verse.

Joan in 14:6 eco some via and Marita’s at.

Am the way the truth and the life Margaret Countess of Lichfield has claimed that the inscription was a love message referring to the lines out your own sweet veil Alicia vanishes vanity twixt deity and man thou shepherdess the way but no source for these words has ever been traced AJ Morton observes that some of the letters match the names of the residents of Shugborough.

In the early 19th century and believes that the inscription denotes.

United with overly and Shug by count Anson Venables Vernon speculation then grew that the inscription may encode secrets related to the Priory of Sion or the location of the Holy Grail as part of the Shugborough promotion some individuals who had previously worked as code breakers at Bletchley Park pursued.

This line of investigation Oliver long proposed that the letters may encode the phrase Jesus age-defy where the age supposedly stands for Christos Greek for Messiah and the references to a Jesus bloodline which allegedly descends from a non divine Jesus and.

Was preserved by the Priory Sheila lon.

His wife preferred the love story theory despite the couple’s previous employment neither of their suggestions enjoyed reliable cryptanalytic support and.

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