Mysteries And Scandals – William Holden

They don’t see the future they only get to a certain point in their life and then it just stops what a lousy way to go I’m still holding left some lasting contributions after his death Stefanie Powers formed the William Holden Wildlife Foundation the organization carries on Holden’s dream of animal conservation.

Meanwhile his former co-stars keep his memory alive I really hope to have another opportunity to work with William Holden because I wanted to show him that everything he had taught me not only did I learn but I remembered you always were rooting for him to be good and he never let you down that’s I bet how he.

To be remembered he never let you down that that would suit him I think yeah he doesn’t want you to remember that he was a movie star he wants you to remember that.

You were upset and lost and he gave you an insight like the characters he portrayed William Holden was independent reckless.

And self-destructive but you got to give the guy credit even if he lost the game at least he played by his own rules I’m AJ Benza join me the next time we take a.

Stroll down the flip side of the Hollywood Walk of Fame I think that we all.

Regret looking back on something and realizing that we didn’t make the most of it while we were doing it that we were perhaps a little easy on ourselves there wasn’t enough self-discipline we could have made it better every.

Time I see a film I’m disgusted to.

A point with myself that I didn’t work harder really a particular scene you know I think I think that’s natural I think everybody can look back on what they’ve done said no if I just worked a little harder it would have been maybe that much better.


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