Mysteries And Scandals – William Holden

The star of the Year award at the organization’s annual banquet the award made only twice previously is given for outstanding service to the motion picture industry in 1956 William Holden was Hollywood top box-office star audiences couldn’t get enough of the 38 year old actor men wanna hang out with Holden and women well women just wanted him period he was not a serious actor I think he didn’t have to.

Be it was a star he was Bill homeland that’s all he had to be in 1957 39 year old Holden was cast in the Bridge on.

The River Kwai the epic film won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture you and that Colonel Nicholson you’re two of a kind crazy with courage for what.

When the only important thing is how they live like.

Being by January 1959 the 40-year old actor had made 46 films and was ready for a new challenge he family he was looking for in Africa in an interview conducted towards the end of his life William Holden recalled his first safari when I saw my first elephant there was no way that I could accomplish that particular hump for a trophy I just couldn’t do it I was filled with that and viewed with the idea of the safari in August 1959 William Holden.

Traded in his parking spotted paramount for a passport he moved his family to Switzerland and took acting gigs in.

Hong Kong Germany in Africa when the 60s bill had a string of flops you know they were just pictures that didn’t go anywhere Holden’s career wasn’t the only thing on the rocks by 1963 Holden and his.

Wife artists separated after 22 years of marriage bad luck continued when three years later 48 year-old William Holden called the car accident nigga Lee the driver of the other car was killed he managed to evade the any prison but it was a great blow to his reputation he started drinking as much as ever before he had not won for anything.

Up hotel rooms are making big feelings it’s a payoff Mona inwardly he never showed it he would never seem to be not in complete control of his faculties when he was on the screen but Phil’s composure could not save his career 1966-1968 Paulding made three forgettable films and continued to seek comfort in the bottle by 1969 the guy needed a miracle but then came.

The Wild Bunch and he was totally suited for that because his face now I had lines of character in it so that really revived Bill’s career and set him on a new path as more of a character actor the seasoned veteran still had to touch after the success of the Wild Bunch 55 year old Holden starred.

Opposite 19 year old actress Kay lens in the 1973 love story breezy while shooting her nude scene lens remembers how Holden put her at ease I.

Was petrified to do those scenes and for the whole scene he never took his eyes off my life and at the very end I walk across to him and.

I embrace him and he wrapped his arms around me and he just held me and when they said cut he didn’t let go and he said somebody bring me a robe and he didn’t let go of.

Me until somebody had come and put a Roman whip he’s quite a man but not much of a husband in 1973 bill and artists finally divorced Holden had spent too many years away from his family I did see.


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