Mysteries And Scandals – William Holden

W camp he’d just one more word if I ever run into any of you bums on a street corner just let’s pretend we never met before 36 year-old William Holden was saluted by the Academy winning the Oscar for Best Actor.

In Stalag 17 over the next three years he starred in one hit film after another including Sabrina love is a many-splendored thing and picnic friend and former publicist Theodore Taylor worked with William Holden on several films he spent time thinking about how he was going to play that role and what he was going to come up off on the screen bill was innately charismatic and creative and he.

Was intelligent he never I think really respected himself I don’t know if ever said that there was something about being an actor that was kind of a cop-out friend and paramount publicist herb Steinberg he.

Disliked this attention he was getting because he was an actor he didn’t like.

Signing autographs he was polite but really withdrawn Fame didn’t make it any easier for Holden to do his job so he turned to the classic Hollywood remedy booze he never was really accustomed to facing a camera but he could do so if he had a little jolt or two in the morning but being.

A celebrity did have its perks it also was the unusual for leading ladies to have relationships with the leading men that’s always been there in 1954 William Holden romance – of Tinseltown’s most alluring actresses Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn bill was deeply in love with Audrey Hepburn she was so gorgeous so charming and he was as handsome as any leading their Sabrina Sabrina.

Where have you been all my life right through the garage later that year Audrey broke bills heart when she married actor Mel Farrar meanwhile Holden’s womanizing strange relationship with his wife artists.

Whether she suspected something was going on I don’t know she tolerated it Holden tried for years to follow.

In the footsteps of his parents as a married man he was a father and he wanted his marriage to be a success but Halden didn’t always care to uphold his parents conservative Midwestern values they took.

Chances with romance and physically he took chances in a 1972 TV interview Holden described how he convinced director Joshua Logan that he could do.

His own stunts for the 1955 film picnic and I wanted to prove to him that I could catch a freight train with one hand and hold on and swing up if so and out of a hotel window to demonstrate that I could hold on with one hand what floor was that about.

The 15th floor it doesn’t you know no it really doesn’t make any difference.

Whether it’s a 15 for the fifth the or the first if you fall you’re gonna.

Hurt yourself but the basement window is safer than the 15 it was a risk-taker so what what was there within him that that kind of wanted to dare everything no matter what the consequence is William Holden tried to beat the odds when we come back Holden is dealt.

A deadly hand what push the legendary screen star to gamble with his life William Holden receives from Myron n black president of the theater owners of America.


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