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Hi and welcome to debunk file my name is Stefan today we’re going to be talking about the top 5 arg now on debunk file we have definitely talked about err geez a lot and if you are familiar with what an Arg is it stands for augmented reality game and it’s a fake story that is supposed to feel extremely.

Real and take place with interactions from the viewers now we’re going to talk about the top 5 best AR G’s number five Daisy Brown what happens when you take a strange insecure girl a camera and a monster Daisy brown is.

Strange case in energies because it’s not particularly scary just a little unsettling sometimes the monster in the earlier videos is pretty convincing and seems pretty real for about the first five videos yeah he doesn’t have any sensation there he was just surprised so he is blind and he is a.

Little bandaged up right now he’s having some skin trouble and as you can see he’s just kind of like nibbling around the aorta has a very interesting storyline with the growth of the monster and the disappearance of Daisy’s.

Father a very odd and sort of uncomfortable to.

Watch Arg as an extra note Daisy brown is one of the only Arg s that we know of that completely ended like the story actually came to a conclusion but definitely check it out.

Closed caption number 4 playground we have covered playground before in its entirety check out our video for playground centers around a group of internet friends sharing their stories with the group calling themselves the remnants of playground there are five members each and each member has their own series of.

Four videos some have been released some of not playground is a weird case and if you haven’t watch it in its entirety you.

Definitely should check out this oddball channel but be warned it can get very unnerving number three the Sun vanished the Sun vanished is our first non YouTube Arg but it isn’t any less immersive the Sun vanish takes place.

In a reality where the Sun literally vanishes in the world goes completely black well the story goes on more things to start happen such as paranoia and a lot of alien theories as to why their Sun is completely gone I don’t want to get too in-depth but we did link to Twitter in the description make sure to read the whole thing and watch the brilliantly done videos number two.

Ryoma Ryoma is by far the scariest channel or topic we have ever covered while I researched it I felt that as if someone was watching me and the same thing happened with jiff while he was editing the video the story is tough to piece together but if we want an idea as to what the story.

Might be then check out our video on it most importantly check it out yourself late at night no lights on no one in the house enjoy before we get to our number one pick.

We’re going to talk about some honorable mentions teletubbies fact one of the scariest and.

Realist feeling arg s as nothing is paranormal just a very unsettling dispute on twitter between husband and wife local 58 this is supposed to be a news channels from the 50s or 60s and it’s incredibly convincing and lonely girl 15 one of the original Arg s that followed a young girl in her vlogs in the very new YouTube and it only gets creepier as the series.

Goes on and now for the number one best AR G meet sleep we also have covered meet sleep on our channel and it is definitely the most immersive and unsettling Arg of all time meet sleep takes you.

Through the mind of a crazy kidnapper I don’t want to go too in depth on the story because it’s a lot more fun and scary to.

Watch it alone at night so those are the top five energies of all time please let us know if you agree or disagree with this list and make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and let us know what we should do next my.

Name is step from debunk file as always see you next time bye.



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