How To Sex Your Snake With Mystery Author Melissa Banczak: An Interview On The Hangin With Web Show

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Artists musicians creators of all kinds and we look forward to every interview we do we love what we do we are here hanging with author melissa bone sack baby as far as you know i’m telling.

The truth you check the spelling.

You told me leave a comment don’t you tell me what you think i and melissa is the author of how to sex your snake and that is not a.

Sentence that you can google on the internet very often you will get results that do not bring you to the hanging with web show so so this is actually this is an action adventure and action adventure adventure I write for women 20s – actually.
I have I have people even older than that except my.

Mother don’t tell my family members my mother my mother did not like the book yeah but so that’s my one.

That’s all artist so all artists had that thing you know yeah I saw a great plaque on the wall one day that said don’t tell my mom I’m an artist he thinks I play the piano at a brothel but I’ve had male of women write to me and say my.

Husband picked up the book and started reading and I think I hadn’t imagined that that men would be the audience but Jordan Astros my heroine and I’m writing a.

Whole series of books with her own age.

Her brother is doing Nash and he is a world-famous herpetologist and he has a show he’s like the Jeff Corwin in this world okay so if you know Jeff Corwin is so he’s got a he’s got a TV show where he takes people all around the.

World and talks about reptiles and the.

Show was called dawn Herpen so in a few if you’re a snake person out there and don’t Google that dick just saying yeah so he takes people all around the world on his TV show so he’s world so his fans do not like June because she’s his personal system and she keeps the fans away from her brother.

So they don’t like her so her brother though gets accused of murder now no one knows about this shit except the sheriff in the.

Little town where they live see my sister does that for me only she is and she also hosts the show and wherever she is no one comes near me so he’s accused of murder but the sheriff and June says oh my god you can’t tell anybody because if his if his company finds out he may get fired once people are in the.

Handcuffs that’s all they say they’re not he could be cleared later and oh my god there could be all kinds of don’t say anything so the sheriff agrees to keep it hush for 48 hours well June is going about her business and there’s a big reptile show the convention that weekend so she could you got to have him back by three o’clock on Sunday because that’s when everybody’s gonna be expecting him to be.

Talking so she’s at the place trying to keep things normal and not lame but I know what’s going on she stumbles on a clue to clear her brother’s name follow the clue make a phone call it’s a split-second decision that she follows the clue so now.

She’s trapped on this weekend from hell with.

Her arch nemesis trying to clear her brother of murder and she’s got 48 hours to keep it clear back wow there’s a lot going on so what we’re gonna but we’re gonna start with reptile convention yeah it may be like been to one of those is that thing I used to sell.

This thing you said some things and yeah there’s a there’s like a huge venture there’s conventions everywhere yeah it used to be like every weekend there was a.

Red welcome every yeah you could find one all over the place so my husband loved snakes so he has at one point he says oh I have like 20 and in the book I say my husband had.

20 snakes he was gone for a year he used to be an Air Force and so he was stationed.

With NATO for a year so I took care of his snakes he had between snakes and babies he had 100 so we take me.

To feed this is like Indiana Jones’s nightmare yes yes so we.

Had one room in the house that had all the snake cage and all the babies were there little containers and there was charts I had to fill out of who ate blood and had.

To hold the snakes and get to know who ate who yeah had to hold this.

Next and get the babies yes and I would let him chew on my my hand here to get him used to being held huh so all these snakes so one day my daughter had a huge snake it was about nine feet bawah was about this thick around.

Snake in the bathroom and let the.

Snake take a shower they turned the shower out of the snake when she was done with the shower she would the way she climbed out she would she would wrap around the the thingy and turn the water off so one.

Day she climbed out and she was hanging on the light fixture the door was closed and I forgot that she was in there and I will open.

The door and I stepped in and there’s a snake face hanging right in front of mine and she was a big snake and I’m looking at the snake face going Oh No so I’m backing up slowly to get out so that happened and then I thought you know if there were a hundred snakes in my house I would move wow they’re you know.

They were I only had to go in there every Saturday so that wasn’t bad and keep the dog we had a little Terrier that we nicknamed snack food because she really liked the big snake and she would go sit and look at the snake’s cage and.

I said to put this thing like the dog my son and his fiance can eat a small Huggle they call it and and they they named it Mu Shu and apparently it was named after the character the dragon yeah yeah I saw I heard it the first thing I thought was Chinese food yeah you would think that yeah I said I said you named your dog Chinese food.

How ironic but you actually she went to the next level there’s a snack.

Food so a snack food so yeah I decided that I was gonna write and I used to be a screenwriter and it’s it’s just the kids self you can’t it’s too hard unless you really know somebody so I mean I knew a few people in the business because I was a.

Yawns and IANS and IANS ago I worked in as a literary agent for a very short amount of time Wow did not like doing it because I would cry every time we were rejected by anything it was very upsetting so I became the author so I know we tell him or I can book said my husband said when she was right one saw that well okay so I we did some screen stuff and made some small films and I have.

Some things out there and we actually had I got to make a pilot I had a photo producer who did reality shows oh I did a sci-fi pilot for him which didn’t sell but I was fun to do so then.

I said well I’m gonna write a book and of course that stupid snake thing would be I said okay I’m gonna do something with snakes and by the end of the year I hated my husband I hated his snakes I hated everything about the snakes and I thought.

What would happen if I was stuck around snakes all the time and then I got to thinking and we watched Jeff Carmen all the time I left your Corwin’s.

Okay I got thinking well you know if I combine all those things and I’ve got this poor heroine June – who just everything goes wrong all the time we have it an audiobook also so you know you can listen on the audiobook first.

Yeah and the girl did a great job and she captured.

June sarcastic I really want to be anywhere but here that’s fan feel well we’re going to share those links down below for the audiobook for the book so people could find them you know you know this is you said you’re planning a series June I’ve got a hot sexy snake the next book is how to square your grouper I’m.

Almost done with that and then after that is how to bead your lizard.

Or dragon I haven’t decided which one to go with she’s got like a book at home all the double entendres make it fine I owned them that’s a freebie online called how to bungle your jungle and it’s 3,000 words and it’s free on Amazon but I didn’t walk into that I didn’t see that coming at all Wow so and now see you had there are.

There’s a premium line there’s this one there’s there’s just this one out in the short story and I’m still working on I wanted to have a head and squirt your group are done for today but I just didn’t have it done and I’m not gonna rush it no Joey yeah trim goes to Key West and accidentally becomes a drug runner sex identity becomes a drug as one does yeah at at time these things they happen you.

Had an interesting journey to coming to writing yeah so from screenwriting to what was the biggest distinction for you from taking your screenwriting experience into novel izing what was the biggest thing that stood out is wow this is the hardest thing I have so much respect for writers who write novels because there’s a screenwriter I only write dialogue I’m good at dialogue and I did a lot of ghost writing too of helping people with screenplays but now I’m suddenly got a book and I’ve.

Got to write what people look like and what the thinking and every time I Drive by my first fiction novel is I wrote a screenplay and then as I it’s it’s actually currently with a filmmaker out in LA and so I called and I said look I’m I want to novelize this my my marketing plans I’ll novelize it you’ll make the movie yeah and we’ll that’s how we’ll do that and I sat down with my screenplay and my first thought was no worries I’ve.

Already done the bulk of the writing that was the last time I ever thought that sentence because I found out that what I had done with you know small set descriptions now had to be elaborated on you know thank you so what was less than full paragraph became half a chapter yeah because there was so much going on and I thought well.

If I was moving the camera what would it see yeah and that’s a good way to do it yeah what am I looking at so when I’m writing I haven’t used to be written down.

When I had an office from my character what does she see how does she feel about it what’s she gonna do about it and then I go through and my and my editor always calls up Junie the last thing I do is Ed in how she reacts to stuff yeah and so what what again coming from writing dialogue and very very antiseptic third-person descriptions yeah filling that out with exposition yeah what person do you prefer to write it here right the first person do you write a third person this is in first.

Person and I’m writing another or I have a screenplay that week was produced and I thought well you know it was a good story it.

Was fun I’ll just go ahead and write as a book and I already wrote the story we are so wrong when we said so I sat down and I’m like what okay.

It’s called four bullets and a ghost so it’s a it’s a private detective whose partners murdered in front of her he shows back up she goes to his funeral she’s sitting his car and he leans in from the back she’s like I can’t go in the evenings him from.

The backseat he goes I can’t go either and she says Jack you’re dead he said hey he.

Said doesn’t mean we can’t talk and she said I thought I did so really confusing up and.

Wanting her to solve crimes for people who are dead and she’s not getting paid so she’s got all these issues but yeah sitting.

Down now I’ve got to describe what she looks like and I want to use what the actors look like I want to go with doctors was great but I want to create a new character.

I’m so sorry Shannon you were great so all that but then and then I got what genre do I do do I do and you know she’s got a personal assistant who is a more immense writer so when he’s not watching whatever he’s supposed to be doing you know mistake he outs and stuff he’s writing roommates but so do I when I go back to his.

Character do I write it yeah so that’s yeah it is it’s very difficult to shift back and forth gonna end up with.

I remember looking at scene descriptions and I remember looking thing it okay that’s great because that the camera sees everything yeah so I just tell them where to put it and move on yeah and now I don’t just tell them where to put it but I have to tell I have to describe everything that the lens sees and and I’m literary snob I have to write everything in third person because my college English teacher lives.

In the back of my brain and she’s annoying and so trying to write all of that exposition and.

Description from the bird’s-eye view is a challenge when and when you have done the screenplays so I could see where that really really with that.


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