The Command Of Creation ('yes' #2114)

What is the first command in the Bible what’s the first command what is the first command the firt that very good because you think you know men you know multiply this the first command God ever did was every set was let there be light Bereshit bara Elohim at fashioned Miami at Haaretz at the beginning God created the heavens.

And the earth wahda its height to Tohu Volvo who and the earth was without form and.

Void the ho chef al pijn a the home and darkness was on the face of the deep for Ruis Elohim and the Spirit of God Marah soffits pani maĆ­am and the Spirit of God was moving gently on the waters but you’re mad at.
Oh him and then said God yo he or let there be light by you he or and there.

Was light in the beginning let there be light and there was.

Light first command and then it says in 2nd Corinthians 4:6 it says.

Seeing it is God who said light shall shine out of darkness he has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Yeshua Jesus Messiah God who said let there be light referring to this has now caused light to come into our heart how does God how did God cause light to come into our.

Hearts the same way he said let there be light he said let there be light now there’s nobody there except the angels but when he said let there be.

Light who what obeyed him the whole universal bade him the the.

Dark disobeyed him how much more if the if the he commands the universe to exist how much more we who know God must must say yes to his command God is all-powerful what can stop God yet it says let let them let is a verb in the Hebrew lated it’s your he let there be let there be light but or you could translate it there shall be light it’s one of the most overlooked crucial verbs in the word of God and that verb is.

Based on it we think of our walk we think of when you think of what you have to do you should pray more you should love more you should you should be holy more and you think of what.

You have to do when you have to walk and you have the struggle you have to do this but it’s really supposed to be his walk salvation supposed to be his action his.

Will because it’s him if it’s on him it means nothing but you make it yours that’s what he becomes.

Real when what he does what he did and he does becomes what you do but you got to make it to make it yours how by this holy word let to find out how you can receive more of Jonathan’s teachings to receive special free gifts or get in touch go to hope of the world that.

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