Top Nasa Secret About Mars!

Mars was known as the Firestar to ancient Chinese astronomers and scientists are still burning with questions regarding Red Planet since its long in 2005 the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MRO has been orbiting the Red Planet and snapping photos merrily as it goes every month the MRO sends back photos of the Mars the theorists says some of this photos are.

Mysterious and secret in a picture relased by nasa’s scene an object the theorists explains like strange object in the Red Planet photos are definitely three-dimensional hundreds of conspiracy have speculation that the creature.

Could be an alien in another.

Photos scene a stone which is like gorilla some people says in Mars have.

A lost civilization peoples are scare in some comments they asks why NASA don’t explain these stories another photo published by NASA show a walled city ruin on Mars UFO seekers are claimed the ruins can be seen hidin among rocky martian mountains in a new picture caught a human-shaped shadow looming over the.

Probe as if they are repairing it the shadow formed shows what looks like a male.

Figure who isn’t wearing a helmet as his short hair is visible scientists can’t explain cloud like plumes above surface of the Red Planet a curious plume like feature was observed on Mars in May 1997 by the Hubble Space Telescope it is similar to the.

Features detected by amateur astronomers in 2012 although it appeared.

In a different location according to many sources NASA suspects that 2013 will be the year they finally find proof of alien life on Mars it is said that this proof will be in the form of fossil micro life many sources claim NASA will use this evidence to fund a manned Mars flight a strange anomaly like a creature.

The Mars now is the most mysterious planet here are some photos which we cannot explain watch carefully you you.


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