Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

He’s an an action first kind of guy so they slowly co-opted this group and they slowly take over the prisoners they take him across the river and they take him to an old abandoned schoolhouse and they lodged them there with guards and so in this one house you have Ellison Hatfield on his death bed in this other house you’ve got the three McCoy brothers they realized they’re in a pretty bad situation now Randall has gone on he has gone on to Pikeville to try to get a.

Legal help meanwhile the mother of the three jailed McCoy Sarah also known as Sally couldn’t stand by and do nothing she sets out into Hatfield territory in an attempt to beg devil Anse for mercy the boy’s mother goes to the schoolhouse with Tolbert’s married and has a young child and his wife Mary and the child.

Come in there they’re pleading they’re wall Hatfield is guarding the schoolhouse he’s sitting on the porch with a Winchester across his lap and I mean the boys mother’s distraught Mary’s crying she’s a devil Anse please let them be tried in Kentucky we’ll make sure that that you know they’re they’re put in jail and that this all happens the right way Sarah’s attempt.

To save her boys has a breakthrough devil.

Anse tells her look if Ellison lives I’ll let that happen you can take them back and they can be tried but if Ellison dies we’ll try them right here meaning devil lands was going to take the law into his own hands if his.

Brother died not unsympathetic to a mother he allows Sarah to spend too precious few hours with her sons hours that could be their last the Hatfields held vigil over Ellis and stabbed and shot up body fondly on the third.

Day Ellison Hatfield died the Hatfields were going to take justice into their own hands you might wonder.

Why they didn’t go through the legal system since they were known for using the legal system for all kinds of other things I think a lot of it had to do.

With the emotion of the murder in this case the.

Stakes were too high they had their reasons it wasn’t the right thing to do but there was a lot behind that decision-making process at that time he kept his promise to Sarah McCoy and took them to the banks of the tug crossed tug is this very eerie scene because you have McCoys at various.

Houses they can hear the party passing you.

Know in they don’t know what’s going on there they have an improvement to this they’ve all been driven off and Randall’s not there Jim McCoy the boy’s brother is listening to them pass he knows it’s them and he.

Can’t do anything because his.

Swear that he won’t she said look I don’t want to.

Lose you too you know and I don’t know what they’re gonna do exactly but I don’t want you going in there and so he’s sort of bound by that promise to his mother and at that point tied the boys to Paul Paul bushes they form up in execution style the boys some are pleading they’re taunting the boys there’s back and forth wall Hatfield who’s been a part.

Of this has had apparently a dispute with devil Anse he doesn’t want this to happen he doesn’t want them to be executed he leaves the party goes back over to West Virginia it was truly done as.


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