Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

In his afternoon wears on ill words are exchanged between Tolbert McCoy Randall’s oldest son and a guy named bad lye Asst he’s a brother of preacher ants Hatfield and they have they have words over a debt.

That bad lies is about a buck 75 – Tolbert McCoy for a fiddle so Ellison gets up and comes over and he tries to introduce some humor at first and get Tolbert to stop and back down and well that just infuriates Tolbert McCoy and they exchange words some which I.

Can’t repeat right here according to many eyewitness accounts which started as an exchange of words quickly escalated into a violent confrontation they didn’t fight the way we typically think a fair fight might be a fair fight to them would be pulling knives would be wrestling grassland trip and kicking even biting you know that was a fight there’s agreement that Tolbert McCoy attacked the elder Ellison Hatfield with a knife it’s clear that Tolbert McCoy is getting the.

Worst of the fight his brothers started getting involved farmer in bill both have knives Tolbert and his two brothers were so furious they pulled out knives and they were literally cutting into pieces stabbing Ellison gets on top of Tolbert he knows.

He needs to end this fight so he sees a big rock and he picks it up.

And he’s getting ready to hit Tolbert on the head with it and it was gonna kill Tolbert at that point bill has a gun and he shoots Ellison when.

It was all said and done Ellison Hatfield had been.

Stabbed more than 27 times then shot and left for dead it.

Doesn’t kill Wilson he’s a remarkable man he he staggers off in.

Shock and he just sits down and he’s bleeding from all these wounds it was very bloody very painful and he lived for a while after they stabbed him the.

Three McCoy brothers Tolbert farmer and bill knew they’d be arrested bill was only 14 so at the last moment out of a sense of loyalty and protection randolph bud McCoy jr.

His brother took his place and so people think that that bud is bill he doesn’t deny it because.

He’s protecting his younger brother mortally wounded Ellison has loaded on a.

Makeshift stretcher by his brother good Elias and transported across the river to the West Virginia side where devlins awaits basically after that there’s a death watch in the meantime the three McCoy brothers have been.

Arrested and the McCoys and the Hatfields on that side realize there’s gonna be a big problem here the best thing that can happen to these McCoys is to get them to Pikeville in jail where they’re actually safe it was a quick decision at that point that as far as.

Devil Anse was concerned justice could not be served in Pike County Kentucky and instead the Hatfields would have to carry out justice although already in custody and on the way to jail the three McCoy’s were captured by a posse of Hatfields faced with a violent confrontation the Kentucky law enforcement officials hand over Tolbert farmer and randolph bud McCoy jr. to devil Anse Hatfield devil Anse clearly has the might he’s got more guns he’s just a tougher guy you know and.


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