Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Back trails for the mountains they catch up with and surround the McCoys who now find themselves at a disadvantage and it’s a total shock to the McCoys they’re outnumbered and Devil Anse lets him have it he’s so angry that he tells them to get down on their knees and pray like he’s gonna kill him one of the McCoys the oldest McCoy son Jim McCoy is said to have basically stood up to devil Anse and said there’s no way I’m getting down.

On my knees before you the only person I get down on my.

Knees before is God you know and in devil Anse he admired the pluck in Jim for that and he backed off it cooled him down really and without a shot being fired Johnse Hatfield was taken back home by his father this was an event that isn’t talked about as much but I think really raised the volume of vitriol.

Even more so than the mists alliance between Roseann and John.

See it was this confrontation between the men on that hilltop that created now a really incendiary atmosphere tragically and shortly after birth Rosana and John geez baby dies not long after.

Rosana receives word that John Z’s to be remarried to her first cousin Nancy McCoy Rosana takes a job as a governess for Perry Cline who would soon come to be a key player in the feud after the the romance fails Jhansi actually has fallen in love with Roseanne’s cousin Nancy and so they get married.

A bitter thing for the Randall McCoy family Roseanne’s had a daughter little Sally who will only live for.

Eight months and is buried now right at string town outside of Betty McCoy’s house she betrayed the.

Family not so much by getting pregnant but by warning him when he was going to be taught a lesson by her brothers Roseanna McCoy would ultimately become one of the true tragic figures of the Hatfield and McCoy feud Roseanna actually told her relative that the worst tragedy was.

Not the relationship with Johnse that broke down but her relationship with her father who refused to have her come home and refused to support her when she.

Needed support the feud was now in its 16th year and showed no signs of abating the next confrontation was a bloody knife fight I witnessed by the entire town of Pikeville Kentucky this time there would be no question as to who would be blamed August 7 1882 Election Day.

Festivities a year after Johnse Hatfield in Roseanna McCoy had sparked their ill-fated romance at the annual event the tug river locals flocked to the polling place in Kentucky again in attendance at the carnival-like gathering were several young members of the McCoy clan and Ellison Hatfield.

Brother of clan leader devil Anse Hatfield not very many Hatfields were there except for devil Anse brother Ellison devil Anse and Allison were closed Ellison was his younger brother he was a tall handsome guy he fought at Gettysburg he was was known as a hero and devil Anse and Nelson were.

Very close and Ellison actually led bevel ants in his early years label on some of his land Ellison Hatfield doesn’t have much of a history we don’t know a great deal about.

Him but he appears to have gotten somehow or another on the wrong side of the mccoy boys the men start drinking.


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