Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Going to work with Johnse and Randall McCoy would not have her he never allowed her back.

Under his roof ever and so he obviously had very hard feelings as a matter of fact she had to go to her aunt’s house to have her baby so there was obviously a schism there between the family between her and her father that was never really mended until very very later.

On in the few a young girl becoming pregnant by someone she was not married to was problematic was an issue was it someone that her father would allow her to marry probably not and one of the reasons he didn’t want her to marry him I think it has less to do with him being a Hatfield and more to do with him being.

The man that got his little girl pregnant and he wasn’t real happy with the situation if you look at other families in Appalachia it was not uncommon for young people to get together and not get married and then break up and invariably those young women went back to their families so this was not uncommon but yet Randall McCoy was so upset with you know he was so.

Angry at the Hatfields that he would not let her come home and even his wife and other members of family tried he tried to persuade him that that was too harsh he wouldn’t listen Chauncey’s and roseanna’s relationship was.

Tumultuous for them it was tumultuous for them and for their families Jhansi decides that he misses Roseann and he comes.

Back across the river and they have secret liaisons it said that residen has gone off to live with her Aunt Betty McCoy in a place called.

String town and so Johnson would come there and meet up with her or they would meet in the woods but Rosanna’s Brothers had had enough of John T’s off-again on-again attitude toward their sister they knew there was an outstanding moonshine charge against them so they decided.

To capture John Z themselves during one of his liaisons with Rosanna well the McCoy boys haven’t gotten wind of this goes to a justice of the peace and gets a warrant for the arrest of John C a Hatfield their outstanding warrants for him you know there are many counts of carrying a concealed weapon selling whiskey.

Illegally and so these are misdemeanor charges and nobody no sheriff in his right mind is going over.

To West Virginia to try to serve that warrant it’s never been totally clear.

What they wanted but she knew that he was going to pay a huge price and I think she was more in love with him than he was with her so she goes and and finds a horse and rides over and informs devil Anse she was riding in the night she was pregnant it was the mountains of Eastern Kentucky which are very rough this was a courageous thing to do thing that that a woman in.

Love would do but to her family it was the ultimate betrayal her motive has never been completely clear I would argue that her motive was that she still wanted to marry Jhansi and obviously if.

Her brother’s got him arrested got him thrown into.

Jails or even beat him up the possibility of her marrying him would be pretty slim I.

Don’t think he’d want to marry into that family on Rosanna’s information devlins led a gang of Hatfields to get John Z back taking.


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