Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

His father’s arch enemy Randall John Stein Rosana immediately had eyes for each other John she was known as the ladies.

Man he had relationships with all the young women and he loved to to go out dancing and get drunk John C.

Was a really interesting character when he met Rosana he was 18 years old he had sent off to Sears & Roebuck for a brand new suit and it was a yellow suit with a with a cardboard tab collar so was the height the fashion of the day and you think about a yellow suit is fairly fairly loud Rosen was a little bit older than then he and she was getting.

Getting up there in years for being a single woman and so she was probably looking for a potential husband as well well they saw each other she was.

Very attractive he was a very handsome guy and it was like you know magnets boom was it love I don’t think it was for John Z possibly it was for Rosana.

She saw someone who is from a family that.

Was more well-to-do than her family she saw someone who perhaps offered her way out of the area and was she interested in him for that I.

Think so they’re seen talking they’re told to stop talking by Randall res Ann’s father but then he goes off and gets in a political discussion you know at another part of this election ground thinking that matters soft John.

Up and says hey you shouldn’t be talking to McCoy girl.

You know but that attraction is stronger than either of these warnings pretty soon they slip off into the to.

The woods do some romancing in there lost track of Randall McCoy eventually thinks that res hands gone home with his wife and family back to the cabin and that hasn’t happened having lost track of time Rosana is afraid of going home knowing that she would have to face her father and explain her disappearance so John’s he takes her to the Hatfield cabin.

In West Virginia the two emerged from the woods and crossed the river not really.

Thinking about what would be confronting them on the other side and chauncey says you know I want to marry you I’m gonna take you home to my place and he does so she rides with him back across the river back to their cabin.

Devil Anse informs John see that under no circumstances will he be marrying a daughter of Randall McCoy well there’s no evidence for that that’s pure legend and when you consider that later after Rosana and John see were no longer together John seemed married Nancy McCoy and Devil Anse had no objections to that it seems probably that he didn’t care whether they got married or not now they’re in a very difficult position.

Because Roseanne hasn’t gone home and devil Anse is not gonna let them get married but she ends.

Up staying there she knows if she goes home she’s gonna be probably abused if not physically certainly verbally while.

Living in Devil ANZ’s home Rosana became pregnant with John’s whose child but she was also finding out that Jhansi was not going to be a very good partner or husband and because he was going out with other women when she was pregnant so Jhansi abandoned her what we do know about that is that she would have liked to go home to her family and take refuge with them after she realized it was not.


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