Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Chest killing him in the coming years there would be retribution small skirmishes enlarge each side looking for justice whether it be in a courtroom or in the woods the bad blood.

Between Hatfields and McCoys have been going on for 13 years the latest incident was a showdown between bill Staton who testified in favor of the Hatfields in.

The stolen hog case and to McCoy brothers Parris and Sam Staton ended up dead there’s also indications that evidence left at the scene bill Staton was in the process of killing at least one.

If not both of the McCoy boys although the Hatfields could have easily fanned the flames of the ever-growing feud they did not pick up their guns.

And set out after the McCoy boys to seek their own form of mountain justice instead they followed the rule of law and got warrants for the arrest of Sam and.

Parris McCoy it took a long period of time I mean parish McCoy was actually found rather soon afterwards but Sam McCoy was on the run on the lam for an extended period of time before he was brought in it had to be hunted down Elias Hatfield walls brother hunted down squirrel.

Hunting Sam and brought him in they captured him took him to trial remember this is West Virginia devil Anse s.

Territory and had a trial in which the judge was wall Hatfield ANSYS brother wall Hatfield was a pretty clever independent.

Minded guy and he listened to all the evidence and what he heard was basically because there were three guys there one of them.

Was dead he heard Parris instant squirrel huntin Sam McCoy’s testimony and he did what he thought was the right thing by the law he had no choice but to declare.

Them innocent because there was no evidence against them really other than dead body but they said it was in self-defense so there again I think it shows that these aren’t these aren’t.

Savages they didn’t have some social structure they had morals and you know they were just in in a cauldron you know because it was such an isolated small place they faced each other every day.

Violent interaction there are many folk stories surrounding the hatfield-mccoy feud some true some half true and some not.

True at all but there is one emotional story that most agree on in 1880 there was a romance that occurred sort of a Romeo and Juliet type romance on election day the people on the tug.

River Valley which straddle the Kentucky West Virginia.

Border look forward every year to the annual Election Day social gathering an event more festive than political in.

1880 an election took place at blackberry Creek and Pike County Kentucky what happens here that’s a little bit unusual is that the Hatfields of West Virginia really have no business coming to an election in Kentucky but their relatives are over there and they know their relatives are gonna be there and so this day actually devil Anse didn’t come over but.

His son John C came over John C was 18 years old blond-haired blue-eyed strapping he was a moonshiner the young woman he took a shine to that election day was Roseanna McCoy the 21 year old daughter of.


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