Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Evidence that the McCoys complained about a Hatfield officiating the proceedings the justice of the peace knew that this was going to be a very contentious trial is going to be trouble for him because he’s got Hatfield relatives over in West Virginia he’s got McCoy’s living all around him you know how is.

He gonna come out of this thing that pig trial was to me one of the most interesting trials I’ve ever read about because you had a court set up.

Where you had a Hatfield as a judge then you had six Hatfields on the jury six McCoy’s on the jury and so you can’t imagine there being anything but a hung jury in this case but.

The testimony of an eyewitness bill Staton threw the case into an unexpected direction he claimed he saw the actual marking of the hog by none other than Floyd Hatfield this was enough evidence for one of the jurists Selkirk McCoy the juror who was on the Hatfield side and who caused the Hatfields to win actually was Selkirk McCoy and he was much more closely related by marriage and by.

Cousins by blood to the McCoy family so what’s that all about people tend to think of them as two separate very separate families when in fact there were a lot of inner marriages between the families or between branches.

Of the families and so when the McCoy who sides with the Hatfields in this case besides with what some people perceive as the enemy in fact he was related to the Hatfields he worked for the Hatfields he live near the Hatfields he may have.

Been a McCoy by name but in fact he was very closely associated with the Hatfields.

And this kicks off some family issues shall we say Randall McCoy couldn’t believe his own flesh and blood would vote against him furious he refused to accept the verdict while the dispute at first glance was simply over.

The ownership of a hog Randall McCoy hadn’t forgotten that his brother had.

Died at the hands of the Hatfields the 13-year old memory was still painful and now fuel was being thrown on that fire Randall McCoy couldn’t get over this insult to him you know it was a matter of Honor losing this trial not.

The court costs you know so he was very unhappy about it he griped about it always you know when people people would avoid him because they were tired of hearing about this this trial and how angry he was and how he had gotten abused and how he was going to get his revenge after the Hogg trial Sacher McCoy and.

Bill Staton were shunned as untrustworthy Staton was careful to maintain his distance from the mccoy side of the river choosing instead to remain on the west virginia side close to the Hatfield clan bill Staton knows he you know.

Has enemies as a result of this and a meeting was inevitable two years later in 1880 state and cross paths with two McCoy’s Paris and Sam they immediately seeing.

Each other because bad words had been exchanged and passed and rocks have been thread they even shot at each other across the river a bit they immediately knew that they were gonna have a battle and so a bill Staton pulled up his gun and shot at.

Parris and Sam McCoy State and fired at Paris McCoy wounding him in the shoulder Sam McCoy returned a single shot to Bill Staton’s.


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