Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Between the two states between the.

Two governors which blew up into what it became a national event of interest to more than just.

The local folks of Pike and Logan County the feud was making headlines beyond local news stories but reliable coverage of the events would be few and far between this is sensational news hallelujah we’ve got.

Something to read about it as good as the serialized novels that.

All the newspapers published it – time to try to keep people reading their newspaper every week well the hatfield-mccoy thing was doing just that the feud helped instigate a new form of journalism yellow journalism is journalism that’s not based in fact it was telling a story because it sounded good because it was interesting the more sensational it was the better because it sold more papers knowing their readers appetite for dark.

Tales of violence and mayhem newspapers clamor to get a piece of the hatfield-mccoy feud sending city reporters into the Appalachian region.

For any and all lurid details you know this was a big-time adventure coming down from New York City to these hollers of West Virginia for them it.

Was almost like going into the heart of Africa discovering the headwaters of a river or something you know they were going in there and meeting with devil Anse Hatfield was a big deal you know they felt like they were taking their lives in their hands so that interaction became pretty fascinating in order to.

Feed the headlines reporters.

Knew their editors wanted the most sensational aspects of the story when you look at the newspapers of that day you had sensational murders going on all over the place it wasn’t just happening in this little part of West.

Virginia in Kentucky but there was something about the hill.

People that really captured the imagination put it in the context same time period you have the dime novels that are going crazy in the East about the West all of a sudden there was a fascination with this world that people did not know and so you get John R Spears and TC.

Crawford who wrote stories that appeared in the Sun in the world you had.

Louisville Courier journalists reporting on the feud and then you have some people you.

Have a guy named squirrel hunt and Sam McCoy who was the only actual few destroyed his full account and.

So there are details in that account that are unbelievable that you won’t find anywhere else and it’s sort of that thing where fact is stranger than fiction you know he didn’t make that up Frank Phillips and his growing Kentucky posse continue to make rage and a.

Hat feel territory on the West Virginia side of the tug river they tracked down and captured eight more of the 23 Hatfield clan members and died.

It for murder under Kentucky warrants Phillips went across into West Virginia arrested nine Hatfields and Hatfield supporters including Ellis amounts brought them back into Kentucky to stand trial they’re not the central.

Figures in the feud or in any of the event so it was pretty easy to pick up these nine guys but the heat was on and he decided I’m.


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