Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Because her daughter’s been shot she crawls out there and Jhansi had.

Filled clubs her with his gun doesn’t kill her but it knocks her out and she’s left for dead Calvin tells Randall look I’m gonna I’m gonna make a run for it and you come out after me Calvin he gets all the way to the other end of the yard almost a freak shot catches him in the skull and kills him right right on.

The spot Randall comes running out blazing away he shoots Jhansi in the shoulder.

Randall actually does get away he runs off in the mountains the Hatfields burn the house and this really was the the.

Egregious the heinous act of the feud that that made the Hatfields clearly the bad guys the hornet’s nest had.

Been stirred the Hatfield and McCoy feud was at its most intense and would soon find itself being the subject of a case in the highest court in the land.

The attacks on Randall McCoy’s family and that new year’s day in 1888 took the feud to a new low never before had the conflicts and if you’d been so premeditated and by now McCoy had.

Lost a brother four sons and a daughter and his wife suffered mental and physical damage the New Year’s Day raid was a real turning point this was such a heinous cold-blooded act killing the daughter and maiming the mother that’s kind.

Of hard to overcome in anybody’s environment and especially where family meant so much that definitely had to have cost the Hatfield clan a lot of reputation I think they were convinced.

That they were back in a war like situation during the war raids were made on both sides they assassinated.

People it was what you did because they were trying to assassinate you in some.

Ways it was accepted but they didn’t kill women and children after Randall’s home was burnt he was left penniless he had nothing and he went to.

Live with Perry Cline and one really interesting coincidence here is that Randall had never allowed his daughter Roseanna back under his roof Roseanna was basically sort of a governess for Perry Cline’s children and the only time he lived under the same roof as when he went with hat in hand to live at Perry Cline’s house within days of the New Year’s Massacre bounty hunter bad.

Frank Phillips and his posse intensified their efforts to capture the Hatfield he caught crazy gym on a hillside along with cap Hatfield probably his two main targets in addition to devil Anse outnumbered and trap Vance and cap Hatfield dug in and tried to hold off the advancing kentucky posse cap takes off and he runs back through the woods and he goes over to try to get other Hatfields to come help so trace jumps left fighting bad Frank.

And in this crew he’s got a couple guns and he holds him off for a while but bad Frank’s not gonna give up Frank Phillips men quickly surrounded them flanking their position in the woods Jim Vance was shy as he lay dying bad Frank fellows put a single bullet through his head and so that was the end of crazy Jim Vance the first major Hatfield to go however is a completely illegal act.

That bad Frank Phillips has just perpetrated in the state of West Virginia it’s just out-and-out murder you know because he has no legal right to be there I think this was the primary confrontation.


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