Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

And an agreement that you sort of back off the family and Perry Cline apparently gave Johnson a reasonable amount of surety that that could deal give me the money the governor immediately withdrew his approval for the X traditions I personally don’t believe it I think Perry Cline’s was.

A man of more integrity the money they’re talking about it just wasn’t enough the property that he had taken from him was worth thousands and thousands of dollars at this point what is true is that devil Anse Hatfield realized that he was being backed into a corner and.

Had limited options for self preservation he needed a new plan and they needed it quickly you can see something familiar going on here it looks like the Civil War.

Again you’ve got union affiliated Kentucky men coming in raiding West Virginia and what are the Hatfields thinking these guys are.

Coming in here making raids on our turf we can’t take this sitting down we’ve got to do something about it eventually what got decided was they would cross the river.

And try to an intimidate Randolph McCoy and his family so they would stop this I mean even though it was Perry Cline leading it I think they figured that if they got rid of the McCoys or the McCoy’s wouldn’t testify there would be no case at sunrise on the morning of New Year’s Day 1888 the Hatfields put their newly hatched plan into motion what happens.

Is they they get their Posse together on New.

Year’s Eve they go over devil Anse Hatfield’s not part of it he’s feeling sick he stays at home but crazy Jim Vance is back in the picture taking devlins place as leader of the.

Armed men was Jim Vance an sis uncle he is a plausible leader when devil Anse steps aside it’s a little bit older he is a war veteran and he has that kind of.

Charismatic leadership included in the raiding party was Johnse Hatfield devil and his oldest son along with cap Hatfield johnsy’s younger brother and the most eager of the bunch and.

Ellison mouths fondly called cotton-top the illegitimate son.

Of devil ANZ’s murdered brother Ellison all three were well known to be some of the more violent and aggressive members of the Hatfield clan I think that idea may have appealed to devil Anse quite a bit it has.

A certain logic to it if you get rid of the enemy the feudal end my conclusion is that there was a lot of disagreement about this was too drastic a measure and they only managed to get eight people out of the say.

As supporters they actually go over on New Year’s Day very stealthily they start shooting in the windows the Hatfields are there for blood some accounts have it that Johnse Hatfield fired the first shots into the cabin inside the McCoys scrambled for cover the McCoys start shooting through the roof they’ve got some.

Portholes in the roof of their cabin one of the men sets fire to the house one of the girls goes outside to get water to put the fire out she’s shot that’s alifair it’s an awful event it’s believed that Ellison melts is the.

Shot alifair now Sally comes down she’s hysterical.


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