Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Mississippi so bringing in Pike County for Buckner was a big deal and governor Buckner owed him payback was that Buckner would post bounties.

Hatfields including $500 for devil Anse Hatfield himself so now things are gonna start heating up Perry Cline is is on the ball he’s getting Buckner to go to the West Virginia governor Willis Wilson who has some allegiance to the Hatfields but he’s getting him to pressure Wilson to go arrest the Hatfields and send them to Kentucky.

Now you get into a long battle of letters between the governor’s Perry Cline jumps in there the Hatfields are powerful in this part of West Virginia in.

Politics being what they are the governor knows what’s the upside for turning over the Hatfields and the Hatfields can deliver that part of West Virginia to him in elections as extradition proceedings move forward Cline hired teams of private detectives and bounty hunters to cross into West Virginia to arrest the.

Murderers of the McCoy boys and in this.

Phase of the fuze the leader was really Perry Cline because he raised pase in some ways that would be more accurate to say there was a Cline Hatfield feud after 1888 Perry Cline has an ace card and that ace card is Frank Phillips better than it’s bad Frank Phillips Phillips was well-known in.

The territory as a ruthless lawman not afraid to use his gun and.

Take no prisoners he needed a heavy and here.

Brother Frank Phillips who he then recruited to come in to be his strong-arm Frank Phillips was short lightweight but supposedly much like Anderson had to feel quick with his temper and quick to get involved in any kind of hard fighting and killing I have never read an account of.

Frank Phillips being the kind of guy I would want to sit.

Out and have a cup of coffee with much less drink with Frank Phillips he decides that he’s gonna cross the line and go in and make arrests on his own and this is what’s really gonna ignite a new phase in this feud which is going to take the state’s.

Merely to war and it’s going to hit the national media and become you know a much bigger deal the first person the Cline posse captured was none other than Selkirk McCoy the man who some felt betrayed his family by being the swing vote in favor of the Hatfields in the hog trial of 1878 he takes him back and puts him in jail in Pikeville and he.

Arrests two other men in 1888 with the governors of Kentucky and West Virginia now involved and multiple raiding parties crossing the border into West Virginia the key players in the Hatfield clan scattered into the hills to hide out at this point that will answer knew what was going on new Perry Cline had done this and was obviously getting nervous West Virginia’s governor.

Wilson made a courageous political decision by agreeing to the extradition.

Of 20 members and supporters of the local Hatfield clan yet soon after it’s been said that Wilson became aware of some double dealings by Cline and his associate Frank Phillips Johnse Hatfield had actually gone across the river and had a private meeting with Klein gave him $200.


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