Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

Attorney named Perry Cline whose sister Martha was.

The widow of ASA Harmon McCoy Randall McCoy has gone to Pikeville in alerted his cousin Perry Cline Randall’s daughter Roseanne has lived with Perry Cline after the Jhansi affair so Perry Cline’s very up on what’s going on here in this part of Eastern Kentucky on the tug river because that’s where he was raised to many people feel that he was a bit of a troublemaker Klein had his own history with the Hatfields it dated 16 years earlier in 1872 Devil Anse Hatfield found success in the lumber business hiring crews to.

Clear land even hiring some of the McCoy clan timber was the big deal at the time you know.

The amount of timber they took out of there and the riches that were were made out of timber were truly phenomenal Cline saw an opportunity for payback.

Harry Clyne had a large piece of property which was given to him when he was a teenager in 1872 a dispute broke out Hatfield discovered that Cline had been.

Trespassing on his land and was reaping the financial benefits of his lumber he timbered part of Devil.

Anse Hatfield’s property accidentally or on purpose thinking he wouldn’t get caught and that’s how Devil Anse took.

That to court and ended up winning all of Perry Cline’s property again the court was in West Virginia you had the divided with the tug you had Union on one side Confederate on the other did Perry Cline get a fair shake in West Virginia I don’t think so the court decision was harsh instead of awarding damages to Hatfield they directed Cline.

To deed over all his land five thousand acres.

To Ann’s Hatfield Perry Cline never forgave him for that so he had a couple axes to grind really had the attacks on the McCoy family and the fact that he.

Lost his property to Devil Anse after that decision Ann’s Hatfield became one of the largest landowners and wealthiest men in the Tugg Valley.

And Cline was a man with a 16-year grudge in the process of becoming a lawyer Perry Cline was in a position in the 18 post 1882 period to.

Position himself to take Randall McCoy’s grievances to the next level Perry Cline decided that well maybe at a chance of getting his land back maybe he had a chance of getting revenge for what had gone on and so suddenly he too became interested in listening to Randolph McCoy my personal opinion is he was seeking revenge that he.

Was an angry man and if he was if he could use Randall as a tool to go after devil Anse Oh better it’s all going to beat a Perry Cline’s advantage and pull Randall.

McCoy and shrewd enough to see that he’s really just a pawn or Perry’s chessboard Klein’s role on the feud would lead to a chain of events where innocence on both sides of the families were.

Killed 1887 Randall McCoy had spent the last five years trying to get the hat Phil’s tried for the execution of his three sons he turned to a distant relative and lawyer Perry Cline for help Cline had lost 5,000 acres of timberland to devil Anse 16 years before the lawyer who now had political power in Pike County saw paths for revenge Perry Cline helps a gentleman named Simon Boulevard button or get elected governor of Kentucky in Pike County is the largest county east of the.


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