Appalachian Mysteries – Hatfields & Mccoys Docu. (high Q Version)

An execution an unlawful execution but done as an execution and I think there was also a statement they kill Tolbert and farmer right away the two older boys Tolbert’s 23 farmers 18 but bud who’s taken bill’s place is 15 almost 16 and.

They don’t want to kill the boy you know nobody wants to shoot the boy said they killed the two older young men and leave but alive well they’re starting to leave and devil Anse tell us one of the men dead dead men tell no tales and we can’t leave him alive he puts his Winchester to the boys head and blows his skull off a few years after in 1884 Sam squirrel huntin McCoy.

Wrote down his account of the execution the charge blew off the top of bud McCoy’s head it lay about six feet from the body next morning melvin larson picked the boys skull and brains off the ground and placed it back in his head the accounts of that chump all over the place none of them described a pleasant scene it would be an extremely brutal account by all accounts that moment of the feud is when for some reason everyone seemed to realize that it had to stop the deaths.

In 1892 of Ellison Hatfield and Tolbert farmer and Randolph McCoy jr.

Brought a period of surprising calm to the feud legal warrants were issued in Pike County Kentucky for 20 members of the Hatfield clan for.

The killing of the three McCoy boys after the the boys were murdered at the.

Get charges brought against the the Hatfields to get them arrested and he was actually able to get the charges but there was never any extradition there was never any attempt to cross the border into West Virginia to arrest them lens and Randall tried for four years to begin to get something to happen with this but nothing ever did there is a I.

Think they called it the coroner’s jury at that time that investigated the death of these three McCoys they said that they could not determine who murdered these people I think that if you would have been living in that time period I think everyone had a.

Very good idea of who killed these men what happens is that a grand jury meets and they indict 23 Hatfields and the men who work for the Hatfields and so these warrants are out for the arrest of these men in.

West Virginia but the grand jury is a kentucky grand jury and so what would have to happen is that somebody would have to go into West Virginia and serve these warrants or catch them.

On the Kentucky side and serve the warrants but devil Anse went to the governor of West Virginia and got those extradition orders refused and so there was a stalemate there for a number of.

Years over a five-year period there were no arrests or extradition actions the Kentucky officials didn’t have the authority to cross the state line into West Virginia the Hatfields who had business.

And relationships in Kentucky often traveled there and well armed groups but they were feared and Kentucky lawmen let them go their way now Randall McCoy continued to try to persuade officials in Pikeville to do something about this to reinstate the warrants Randall McCoy asked for help from a relative by marriage a Pikeville Kentucky.


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