How To Deal With Failure? Motivation

Hey everyone today’s video I want to talk about failure and what failure has done for me and how I dealt with failure and what I think about failure coming up hey my name is Marlon and on this channel we talk about personal development life strategies and lessons learned to help you become a better person so if you’re new.

To this channel consider subscribing now let’s get to the video we all face failure but we tend to become victims of failure we go around and we tell everyone.

That we know and we question why us why me why me we say you know let’s process well if not you who do you suggest in the face of failure we have two options choice number one is to become a victim of failure and go around and tell the world why it’s so unfair that it happens to you option number two is that we take action and we do something about that failure.

Jim Rhon once said failures and disappointments are not reserved for the poor we all have them and it doesn’t matter if you’re rich middle class or poor we all have failures and disappointments and sometimes they happen for no reason at all it is that kind of world that.

We live in where even good people face failures and disappointments for no reason at all so instead of playing the role of the.

Victim I suggest we focus on taking action when we face failure we live in an era where we have to improve ourselves and take control of our lives we have to find ways to get.

Up and try again listen into tapes and finding.

Motivation on other people’s words it’s all good and great but you have to develop the only motivation that counts when everything is going wrong and no one is there to assist you and that is self motivation and as Jim Rahm will say often times the only one that counts I cannot tell you how many times I failed I failed in relationships I had a felon gage Minh I failed in school I fail in college I.

Fell in my job I interview for positions in the past multiple.

Times never got him so I moved on to the next.

Thing and instead of playing the victim I looked at it as how can I grow or can I grow from this failure or disappointment that’s the.
Essential question that you.

Ask yourself when you fail because as long as you’re looking at failure as a bad thing you will fail.

To grow and you will fail to realize that there are other doors that can open up for you there are other opportunities that you can pursue only if you stop looking at.

The disappointment and/or failure only if you stop victimizing yourself because of your failures take failure as an opportunity to take time to figure out which door you’re going to knock next in the past I will see failures as opportunities for me to be the center of attention and be a victim and I will go around telling the whole world how unlucky I was because of the things that were happening.

To me and one thing you have to realize a lot of our failures and a lot of the things that happen to us are our result of our own decisions and sometimes when that is the case we just have to take that as an opportunity to.

Make better decisions through experience one thing I learned is that failure is not final if that opportunity.


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