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Welcome to finished work International Ministries a ministry that is on the cutting edge changing lives around the world as you let God in today and apply the word expect a divine encounter and supernatural transformation is impossible forward to the defeated we will have them on a mission of the will of God is impossible situations are so tool we.

Would want in understanding of what God has.

Sent you not the finished work of Jesus did what you pray when God is get trusted God I trust here’s a possible faith man who Anna memory circuit – Libra Cordoba circuits and Liebman animal control it better memory circuit – Libra gadamer.

Circuit only way that I’m a so-called over in the name of Jesus like us to pray with the scripture in June 14 back 7 in job chapter 14 verse 7 he said for there is still hope of a tree if it be cut down it was front again job chapter 14 verse 7 they become choked.
At the 14 back 7 he said for theory still of a tree if it be cut done.

It just front again and that they tender branches jerax well you only matter were prophesied that the remaining days to round up this year he’s going to be days of us extraordinary had these supernatural have less lead about pouring some begin a prophesy there are many.

Year who will experience supernatural have supernatural have become about three in bro circuit to lead my candidate about your corner bobble ring grab a second to lead magnanimous circuit to live my dinner in.

My manner rican-american deliver the remaining days to end this year you be helped like never before you was sealing hand of God like never before Lincoln believed Madonna Madonna she but not Rahab but she was your business towards your job – what’s your marriage towards your children then Lincoln Lincoln black pendulum that’s a bundle lupus acababa rakul almost so good to me raccoon the persecute to leave macabre man lingo double second to little man and those little.

Umbrella mingling the circuit to link up around the circuit to leave mother thank you only goes thank you Lamb of God.

Thank you and should die painting Jehovah Jireh equal to leave my kundan a little shocked about in.

The name of Jesus and I cuss to be near pray for families not every family represented here I want us to believe God for what am i trusting God for this season I want us.

To step out by faith as some critics moaning and believe God for restoration believe God for reconciliation believe God for tradition believe God for Supernatural supply believe for death-free where my area where you’re trusting God for something like us to pray.

In the name of Jesus according to some 23 next one the Lord.

Not want you should know one for any good thing it exceeds and Lincoln enable Sudan mobile shaka baba linden didn’t bonobos shocked italiana men don’t bro so from the lieblick from the limited about men Dunamis a totally mother mission on ones for any good tale in the name of Jesus rebels so cardi Pratt iske to leave a common mission for any complaint in Broncos dilemma Mendoza bundling that up a sukima bother me in relationship to.

Meet my friend remember a member was searching bulimic randomly my friend enough about laocoon believe macumba robust system bulimic under the bus men longer related.

To me Mendoza to limit remember in the name of Jesus and roast until Umbra never weakened enable circuit to lead my new second.

To live like from other male Ingram is acutally black and lead my friend Elizabeth ring do come to meet Mike and any memorable in the mighty name of Jesus in the name of Jesus will see supernaturally soldiers in the name of Jesus I pray finally before we hear the word for spiritual hunger you.

Know to the degree of hungry for God well also did some in the manifestations and the sensations you’re going to ask Li Ren’s you know sometimes people could become sluggish when it comes to your prayer life when it.

Comes to their struggle life and the zeal for the word of God a lot of people have lost zeal for God’s Word most of you have not seen for.

Prayer they the passion the drive to spend time with God it’s not bad you know sometimes you can be green West Virginia but if you don’t realize suddenly begin to lose you begin to decline from where you ask you actually it can happen to anyone but I want to predict learning from Matt each of the 5 X 6 he said boys and those who do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled is it.

Blessed I do is who deal Honda and task up.

To righteousness for they shall be filled you can’t ask after righteousness you know there is this kind of hung that you have for God from God from his word hunger for for devotion that you wanna spend time with God you know most of the things you’re about to do what happen in his presence it is in his presence you get a strategy for the business it is in God’s presence.

You will receive inspiration to deal with the situation it is in his presence that you will.

See revelation to confront opposition is in God’s presence as you spend time.

With him you’ll begin to reveal things to you there are things your brain cannot think I’m telling you there are things your mind cannot comprehend I’m telling you you just need to spend time with God as he can lead you all the way to your.

Destination you just have to spend time with food so let’s pray that a Honda but the things of the Spirit will rise in your heart the hunger to read the Bible can do with.

One turn say dating some economy read one verse a day is that bad I want a civilian up reading slowly Lord my devotion for you my devotion for.

You is my priority I said sir Rinda was shocking about hungry to to spend motes friend with you there are many starts of the gospel right now there are no longer yeah we’re no longer in the place of Prayer the could reason with ministry but the Word of God is letting your spirit and things start going wrong all the crisis most of the time became my must stop train was stopped.

Honestly with the word but we stopped growing the things of the Spirit down was frantic crying and then I soon will begin to heal mire of sad news Leslie powerpoints this slowness a lot I’m hungry for you feel my heart feel much as very few me.

Let me overflow limbo September Amish acababa rained roasted to limit will chakra bah-bah-bah Reno certainly criminally method of about windrows totally believable thing to Holy Ghost sending lumber God really cool mobile in Bravos consumable reimbursed it will admit is certainly much remember about linguistically mobile shakily.

Mother has thank you for the calls thank you ma’am Burkhart anything else should I thank you the gardens were no longer thinking this morning as.

We were seeing the word more sealants direction will receive direction will receive understanding but will receive animation that will change our thinking leaks flooring thank you Father in the.

Name of Jesus amen Hammond next learning over looking at the authority of the word that’s what we’re gonna look at today the authority of the word if you’d surely want to see supernatural happenings around you that is the six times with the will of God you have to place a value on God’s.

Word if you wanna see super not truck around you that is for six times what the word with the will of God you need.

To place a value on God’s Word when we look at the authority of God’s Word and God’s word has the ability to constraint like we said yesterday if you want to invite Jesus into the situation speak the word God so a said speaking God’s Word is an invitation you give to Jesus to show.

Up if I want Jesus washed up as you were a begin to speak the Word of God when we look at God’s Word God’s what is full of life is full of power well this.

One begins to work for us when we begin to have the revelation of the word he said the one a girl meaning to you it’s traffic comes like air emanation god knows what will make new meaning to you and so he comes.

Like everything else it becomes as a revelation it is when the one of God comes us a revelation to you that’s your spirit Mary’s frickin bytes you know when Paul said in Romans 10:17 he said so dent afraid comment by hearing in Romans 2:13 like 17 he says so then faith cometh by hearing so harness faith come he comes by hearing the faithful healing comes.

By hearing about the healing power of God faithfully brands come by hearing about the deliverance ability of God the faithful provision comes by hearing of our el-shaddai the God was more than enough little begin.

To receive revelation of what he can do fit begin to rise the area where you have faith is the area where we’ll have hours the area where you have faith is the area where you’re going to have habits and the area where you have faith is the area where you have the water God the area where you have faith is the area where you have the Word of God so today.

As we look at the authority of the word it means that girls would have the ability to accomplish what he said he would do the one of God have the ability to accomplish what he said he will do the word of God have the.

Ability to accomplish you know sometimes in the natural people could be going to very challenging moment in difficult moments but if they’re big did you believe in the authority of the word of God now girls would ask for clarity to change that situation this is why when you receiving word from God you are.

Expected to respond my friend when you receive a word from God you’re smelling children have sperm mindfully whether they will say Amen it means when agreement with what we have a hair moon would say mmm let me write business is going through some financial challenges and then the word of the Lord came to you he endorsed in the natural I mean look whew well well how many time will have crying 11 to do that or what would be able to do that.

You know a certain time God is not expecting you to look at your limitation he says Spanish atrocities were you are expected to trust the word you are.

Not expected to he declined from the word based on looking at your.

Limitation and some people who got their limitation and they.

Called for straight ahead most time for special comes to people when they are focusing on the limitation if you fail to focus for God even for students head if you focus on him you will rise above frustration one of the ways you rise above for stress on his level foot comes from God I want to say that again.

I said one of the ways you rise above frustration is when we foot transfer God because sometimes the enemy wants little footprints on you.

He wants to focus on your inabilities limitations so when God gives you a word what you have to do is to say mm to that word is to stand upon that word is to believe that word is a lot that word to.

Decide what you think you know sometime people can say how is this prophecy gonna come to pass how is this word gonna come to pass well it’s gonna really help me to bring big.

Stuff come to pass let me say this you God’s Word is self-sufficient hmm thank you God he goes that’s the word for somebody right now I said the Word of God is self-sufficient why did I say that God’s Word does not need anything to determine its ability its potential and its performance it wasn’t in the determinant gosh what is self-sufficient to focus on God because they can disability we expected to trust in his ability not to trust what we.

Can do what we can do is limit it but we change our switch of the one next one John Gospel chapter 1 makes one they were teaching today on the authority of the word if you stand on the authority of God’s Word nothing to me impossible to hear I want to say that again I said when you stand on the authority of the word of God nothing can be impossible to you in jungles which of.

The one makes one in the preview was the word liberties misses the Fondation of creation this is the foundation of everything that God did he said in the beginning and what was in beginning was the word in the beginning what was a lemon-scented steel if you put the one of God facts in.

To be impossible for situations to defeat you if you put the Word of God facts it is impossible for anything to defeat you will lean back picked the one of God flags this is arguing you bring by teaching God’s Ward facts so the speedrunning jungles for one makes one said in the beginning was.

The word and the Word was with God and the Word was God say let me send you your thread becomes effective when.

God’s Word takes the lead in your thinking I wanna say that again I said your friend becomes effective when God’s Word takes the lead.


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