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Healed for I also AM a man under Authority and having soldiers under me and I say to this one go and he goes to another come and he comes and to my servant do this.

And he does it when Jesus heard that he marveled and he said to those who followed assuredly I said you I’ve.

Not found such great faith even in Israel even in the nation of God’s own people Jesus says I’ve not seen this kind of faith before how this think with me now how did the faith operate it operated in the understanding of how the kingdom works see this this idea of I love when people come to me they say I mean intellectual I’m waiting for somebody to come to me Sam and emotional.

Yes of course you are I’m going to chase a little rabbit for a moment just remind me that I wanted to talk.

About something what I’m good everything’s good I people will say the word balance used to be such a beautiful word because it basically.

Meant you know equal portions of on fire for the holy spirit equal portions of on fire for the word of God now it basically means radical middleware you don’t offend anybody no threat to anyone you know just a little bit of healing a little bit of sickness just keeps you right in the middle well balanced.

Emotionally balanced just a.

Little bit of depression a little bit of joy you know.

Just keep me balanced no threat to anyone ah I totally lost where I was.

Going now I thought I might see the way the kingdom works thanks I need help on this whistle I did find first service but it’s all of you that’s the problem so here’s the Centurion he understands he’s under authority because he’s under.

Authority people under him respond to his voice so he turns to Jesus and he says I know that how your kingdom works you were sent from the father here’s a Roman soldier he’s identifying you represent the Heavenly Father and so any demon you speak to us to listen you’re under authority therefore you’re operating authority he’s got a perception of how an unseen world works the renewed mind is intellectual it is not it is not careless and haphazard but.

It operates from understanding a superior reality and this Centurion so impacted God think.

About this how do you impact God is it possible to impress God yeah it is Jesus is God and he’s impressed he says I’ve not seen this kind of faith in all of Israel well Israel who is who he’s been work with 400 years he’s impressed right his faith operated in his understanding of how the kingdom works the whole point is is our.

Quest for understanding is to lead the way for our quest for obedience which leads the way for increased faith the increase measured dimensions of faith happening in our life so here this guy says just say the word my servant will be healed so.

Jesus does it just declares the word and he’s healed it’s the greatest level of faith that I can see and here’s the point all.

These levels of faith people got healed but who determined how Jesus would operate in each situation who determined when it was time to lay hands or who.

Determined the anointing that should be released from claw or who determined when a decree should be made so that somebody’s healed God is fully capable to make it a decree over this entire room right now and every affliction be gone in a heartbeat but.

That’s not typically what happens typically he gives us a customized response of healing grace according to the condition of our heart well if I just could touch him I mean oh Jesus could have declared a word over that crowd and it would have been healed their faith was if I just touch His garment the whole point is is.

Explore his nature to know what his heart is like so that we can fully cooperate when you’re praying for people sometimes it takes going into the house laying.

Hands on the person kneeling next to the bed and praying over them for a season other times there’s the declared word.

The important thing is that you and I know the voice of the Lord the presence of the Lord in such a.

Deep personal way that we recognize how he’s moving we follow his lead we follow his response sometimes a prayer cloth will do you pray over it you send it in the mail and that’s fine other times you have to go there lay hands on them what’s the difference I don’t ever analyze until after I don’t try to figure it out before I just try to obey I honestly I don’t well there’s enough faith.

Here for the decree no I just try to stay present.

Centered so that I instinctively know what to do in that moment and my heart right now is it in this room though there would be a release of an army of trained people for miracle signs and wonders throughout our city we’ve already done this.

I’ve laid hands on everybody in the building before multiple services prank for this impartation I just feel like God is bringing an upgrade.

Into the house so that our city can be healed so the people.

Of our city can be restored marriages and the torments on their minds the stuff that goes on some of our War veterans live with such torment because of things that they.

Experienced overseas and they just deserve to be free.

They are citizens of a city that was designed by God to be a city of freedom giving a.

City of absolute Liberty we’ve got young people that never had moms and dads ed never had anyone care for them they’ve got such a perverted understanding of what love looks like and they just need people like you people that need that.

To step into their life with a hug and a tie word and some fatherly care and it’s just.

And this is the arm here all over our city we got people gathering in Jesus name I’m praying the same for every one of them but I have responsibility here this issue of faith take whatever level you got and.

He’ll increase it he’ll increase it but it requires obedience in use for the development of that gift and I believe that the Lord wants to just increase the demonstration of healing I.

Believe more and more it’s going to happen just in worship I do have been feeling it for a while but it just needs to.

Happen until they’re spoken so why don’t you stand we’ll pray together I’d like to have the ministry come up to the front right now before we before we pray if you could come quickly that will help me out get people over here to the freedom banner get that set up – it’d be great you he sent his word and healed them what does that look like in Psalms 107 verse 20 sent his.

Word and healed him sometimes just a decree.

Will do it I remember praying for this young man with a.

Tumor on the back of his head neck area and I I just found myself saying in 7 days and he woke up the eighth day and it was gone just just woke up it was gone just disappeared I don’t think you can make things happen by just saying whatever you want.

I think we just have to have a tender heart learn to heal here because he’s got so much he wants to say and sometimes it’s just that word of encouragement sometimes it’s a decree that brings breakthrough but I know that whenever we have crowd this size I know there’s always a good chance.

We have people here who have never walked with Jesus have never had a personal relationship where you know the freedom that comes from a relationship of God know what it is to be forgiven of sin the Bible calls it being born again says you must be.

We’re born again we cannot see the kingdom of God.

We cannot see participate in his world it’s.

Actually that conversion experience it’s not something we bring upon ourselves it’s something we.

Invite him to do for us and I’m certain that there are good chance are people.

In this room who don’t have that personal relationship of the Lord so what I want to say is this if you’re here today.

And you would say bill I don’t want to leave this building until I know I am at peace with God till I’ve been forgiven of sin I’ve been adopted.

Into his family then I want you to put a hand up Siddal that that’s me I don’t want to leave till I know that’s settled till I know that’s right but just do it quickly because I don’t I don’t take long for this just wave it at me if I miss you dad even right over here to my left all right anyone else alright beautiful no here’s what I wanted to over here.

To my right there’s a freedom banner anyone that I didn’t see that put your hand up or perhaps you brought a friend they need courage to walk down I’m going to encourage you you.

Them right up here would get a team that will pray for you this one over here if you would come on up to the front that would be wonderful we’re going to.

Open the front for ministry for people receiving Jesus healing and bodies I don’t think the Lord would have me talk about this today except that he is bringing an additional emphasis to the healing ministry of.

Jesus in this room so put your hands out in front of you now I’m just to pray together I want to pray over you and then I’m going to.

Turn it over to Chris and we’ll just invite people to come to the front for miracles in your body father I pray right now and the mighty name of Jesus for the release of.

Healing grace not only for people to be healed in this room but for the passion to see people healed throughout our city healed delivered born again the greatest miracle of all the people would come to know Jesus because of the forgiveness of sin.

I pray for that anointing to rest upon these people now in Jesus.


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