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You to serve effectively to impart to people around you but only Jesus can impart so the gift for the breakthrough in miracles is not for self-consumption it is for serving the people around us so how do we get healed it’s.

Through the Word of God the prayerful memorization of Scripture praying through what Jesus has said in Isaiah 53 it gives us this amazing picture of how healing as a grace for every individual is provided in the atonement there’s this unusual connection in Scripture between the forgiveness of sin in the healing of disease.
It’s repeated so many times in Psalm 103 who.

Forgives all our iniquity who heals all of our diseases the lame man that was brought lowered through the roof Jesus said him your sins are forgiven and then he healed to demonstrate that he had the authority also to forgive you see these two themes constantly overlap and the reason is because sickness is to our body with sin is to our soul and the same atoning work of Jesus dealt with both the word.

Evil I forget the exact order but the word evil that you find in the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray deliver us from evil evil of course refers to sin but it comes from a word that is the word means.

Pain which comes from a root word that means poor so the redemptive stroke of Jesus the shedding of his blood dealt with the root of poverty with sickness and disease and sin itself all in one brushstroke that means that God’s intention is to bring abundant life.

To every person that is his and faith is supposed to operate on our part where we have understanding of His goodness if we think he flex if we think he causes the calamities and the crises that take place in their life it’s really tough to pray in faith for those things to be broken if you think that as a father he has ordained.

To happen that bad thing to happen then it’s really tough to do anything but just suck it up and endure and the Lord reveals his nature through the lifestyle of Jesus and it’s a.

Profound thing to see through the healing revival of the 50s that they were basically to left that lived 50 years or whatever past that you know that that particularly Bible what was it these two guys knew how to apply the Word of God to their.

Own hearts what does that mean I don’t believe it means just in a memorizing scripture I.

Believe so much in the study of Scripture being a studied student of the Bible in fact let me just say biblical illiteracy in a generation that wants miracles makes them vulnerable for false signs and wonders the answer is not to.

Avoid the miracles the answer is to become a.

Student of the Word of God we become students of the Word of God we read we devour we pour over Scripture we memorize we do all those things we find the things that we don’t understand we ask questions were in a relationship where this this this father who spoke his word into the hearts of people and it became written in.

Scripture for us to studying to read he gives life to us from those things I believe so much in the study of.

Scripture but from the study of Scripture he speaks yet again and he makes certain passages certain thoughts ideals come alive faith comes from hearing and hearing by the Word of God it doesn’t mean faith comes from hearing the word in the sense of written scripture if.

That were the case let’s just all get a Bible program that reads scripture to us 24 hours a day let’s just keep it going in our household.

Be like wiglesworth by Friday we’ll all have the faith of Paul and Jesus eventually by next Friday you know the point is it’s not by just merely hearing with the ears it’s hearing with the heart the voice of God who imparts his own confidence in his purpose and in his.

Will so we’re going to talk about this issue of faith in a moment let me insert something here faith mark 11 says have faith in God one of my my favorite book on the subject of faith is called the real faith from dr.

Amazing man who operated in such power back in the 40s he was an Oxford graduate unbelievably skilled order I was told he could actually cause people to laugh or weep just by reciting the alphabet he was so skilled in his ability that communicating and he mocked and made fun of her resisted anything to do with miracles until he attended tried to sneak into a Aimee Semple McPherson meeting and she brought.

Him up on the platform much to his he didn’t want to be associated he was there to disprove everything and he ended up as I understand being healed and powerfully radically touched by the Lord and he himself became this.

Brilliant man sanctified intelligence a true true student of the word of God dr. price writes this book on the real faith and in it he makes this comment that when it says have faith in God the word in there can be translated of have the faith of God have the faith of God see faith is both a fruit and a gift let me can put this in order here I’ve talked to you about the presence about the power of the Word of.

God but now we move into the area of faith faith also brings healing you remember how many times Jesus often times Jesus would say to someone your faith has made.

You whole and there would be.

This declaration of Jesus as part of see never have I seen such faith in all of Israel and he would comment about the faith as being that which drew the reality of heaven into their body and they were miraculously healed faith is is either a fruit of the spirit.

Or gift of the Spirit fruit grows gifts are sudden installments of God’s confidence the fruit grows the point is the fruit of faith in a person’s life grows with use.

And with hearing hearing and obedience hearing in obedience hearing on obedience everybody has given a measure of faith the Bible says that people come to me they say I don’t have any faith at all I’m thinking what did you do with it you were given some you’d better go find it because he didn’t take it from you you know everyone’s been given a measure and.

The point is is regardless of the size of the measure all measures can grow with use the problem is the development and the growth of our personal level of faith is according.

To our hearing and our obedience busyness is artificial significance busyness keeps us from that quality.

Of heart that hears from the Lord too moving great faith and so we allow ourselves sometimes to get so distracted even by Christian activity even by the busyness of ministry it’s possible to busy yourself right out of the voice of God and even in the midst of hectic schedules you have to protect peace because it’s.

That heart of peace that guard your heart and mind against the distraction that keep us in anxiety mode protect your peace peace will protect your faith so then faith comes in two different ways comes as a fruit and comes as a gift a fruit Galatians five fruit is developed it grows gift is the sudden installment of God’s personal confidence so it says and I believe a good translation of mark eleven is have the faith.

Of God so if that’s true then the gift of faith is actually God’s sudden installment into your heart of his personal absolute confidence my personal conviction is the gift of faith never goes unanswered face faith is one of the most important subjects and yet I think one of the most understood.

Subjects in all of the Bible I I know in my history I just made faith almost impossible oh the walk of faith is so hard to believe God is so difficult so and I shot myself in the foot day after day discounting that my nature in Christ is to believe a perfect father and then whenever I side with the difficulty of faith I actually deny my nature in Christ my nature in Christ is to believe the Father he’s never lied it’s got to be fairly simple to believe.

In the reliability of the one who’s never lied we’ve believed worse I heard Jack Hayford say once.

How would you treat a friend who lied to you.

As often as your fears do oh so your faith can be developed through hearing it’s the quiet heart that hears and the act of obedience the use of faith just increases if for some.

If something would happen to one of you today and and this grace came upon you you pray for somebody that had a loiterer on their neck and you prayed and it just disappeared and two minutes later somebody else came up to you with a goiter on.

Pray for me you’d probably be a little bit more encouraged to pray for the second person than the first one and if you saw that.

One disappear you’d be looking for the third.

Coil you’d be looking why because experience in the anointing in the activity of faith actually develops and nurtures that’s why it’s so vital to never get far away from your last miracle then you don’t have to reinvent the wheel you don’t have to try to get that engine started again you stay current in the awareness.

Of the God invades the impossible and you’re constantly pushing against things that have been called impossible we.

Don’t always get all the breakthroughs.

At same time but always have enough prayers going that there’s always something breaking through amen and the gift of.

Faith is that moment that you have in God where you have the sudden known I’ve had it happen now I wish I had it happened more than I have but I’ve had it happen but where I’ve had twice that I can think of where someone came up to me and needed a miracle and they said well I don’t have any faith I have no faith and when I’m ministering to people that’s not when I.

To have deep discussions I really I just basically ignore people I’m not interested in trying to correct or improve your theology I just want you to get a breakthrough you know Jesus had this ability to bring a breakthrough this he could point out to somebody’s somebody’s unbelief but then he’d bring a miracle anyway to.

Me it was almost like he was saying all.

Right you’re in a place of unbelief let me throw you a.

Ladder I provide the miracle now climb up this night look look what’s different than you thought he always gives people a place.

Access to greater faith they now forgot why was going to say it was such a great point too you would have liked.

It so much you have there for.

Me do you so here’s this issue of faith Jesus would minister to a person and he would give them access to a place of greater faith by bringing the miracle regardless of their unbelief so person comes to me and they said I don’t have anything I just I usually don’t get into a dialogue because I’m I’m not interested in correcting the theology but.

I’ve had twice that I can think of where I told them you don’t have to I have enough faith for both of us is because there was that there was that it was a gift it’s momentary it’s not a lifetime gift it’s not like you now have a gift of faith to believe for anything you want yeah you think that’s true go move the mountain you know it doesn’t work that way it’s a specific it’s.

Specific it’s a specific assignment.

Of God here is absolute confidence that I’m about.

To do what I said I would do and it’s a specific situation are you with me that’s the gift of faith the fruit of faith is developed in nurture so when Jesus would point to somebody with no faith or little faith it was.

It was never to leave them there it was always to pull them out my encouragement to you I hear people will sometimes you know they’ll come back they pray for somebody saw they were just filled with so much unbelief.

We just couldn’t get a miracle the Bible says the prayer of.

Faith heals the sick that means it’s the prayer that is responsible for faith amen cause a very good point take responsibility it’s the prayer who it is supposed to have faith pointing to somebody’s unbelief doesn’t fix it pointing to a pimple on somebody’s face doesn’t take the.

Pimple away you can quote me it’s in the.

New book of Proverbs they don’t go quickly though never mind the point is is nobody has brought into greater faith through point out what they don’t have what builds faith testimony experience scripture bring the.

Solution don’t just stand on the problem there’s several different.

Dimensions and layers of faith the smallest portion of faith I can find in.

The scriptures in mark 9 well the man brings his son to Jesus and His disciples.

Can’t get him free finally Jesus gets him.

Free and he was sick it was disease and and tormented by demons and Jesus.

Said him free and but before he did the father approached Jesus and said if you can do anything please help us if you can now I’d like to suggest that’s about the smallest measure of faith I can find in the Bible to come to God and say.

If you can it barely moves the needle of the Richter scale in the gauge of faith to come to God and say if you can but yet Jesus responded to it and he responded by saying if you can believe the man was saying if you can Jesus enough.

All things are possible this is where the famous verse comes the statement where he says I believe but help me in my unbelief how many pray that one before yeah almost so jesus then turns the table he says if you can believe and then what does he do he provides the miracle what do you think that did to the.

Father’s faith it was so weak it gave him access to greater faith he’s what little measure he had see people sometimes don’t realize you don’t have to have a lot of faith you just have to know who to go to they came to Jesus the second measure of faith that I can find is in Matthew chapter.

8 it was a leper that came to Jesus the leper came and he said Lord if you’re willing you can make me clean so he didn’t question God’s ability he just questioned his willingness he knew his power he didn’t know his heart and so Jesus then responded to him and said I am willing in other words healing is my will and he was healed there’s another one the next level up if we could put.

It in that in that way is in mark 822 since they brought a blind man to Jesus and begged him to touch him so we’ve got if you’re willing or if you’re able if you’re willing the next one is.

Jesus if you would touch him I know that he’d.

Be well oftentimes in a corporate setting like this the presence of the Lord is.

So rich and so strong there is the cry I’ve heard I’ve done it myself God I can tell.

You’re here please touch me.

There’s the prayer God put your hand on me that would be.

That with Jesus if we could if you would just touch us we would be low but then in the last verse of Mark 66 we see that level of faith taken to another level and it says sure about then a floater hit right here in mark 656 he says wherever he entered into.

Villages cities or the country they laid the sick in the marketplaces and begged that they might just touch the hem of his garment and.

As many as touched him were made whole it was a greater faith there a greater faith just leaving if I could touch him I would be well do you see that faith perceives do you see that there’s perception.

In faith do you see the faith faith precedes faith faith saw something that was unseen what was it there was healing grace available.

In the person of Jesus if I touch it I can heaven faith sees the greater the faith the greater the clarity of sight the greatest measure of faith that I can find in the new testament is with the.

Centurion it comes to Jesus and.

He says Lord my servant it’s in Matthew.

8 verse 6 my servant is lying at home paralyzed dreadfully tormented so he needs healing and deliverance Jesus says to him I will come and heal him the Centurion answered and said Lord I’m not worthy that you should come under my roof but only speak a word and my servant will be.


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