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Will just have that word of knowledge we had it happen recently where somebody had a tumor on their lower spine they had a cancer and somebody just walked up to them and said if.

You believe God will heal you put their hand on the lower part of their back and they went back to the doctor then the cancer is completely gone we got a report just I think two weeks ago on that particular store but the.

That happen so if somebody will lay hands they will pray the prayer faith but in these instances that I’m mentioning to you God shows up and those things just randomly happen I believe that they’re sovereign and I.

Do believe that they’re somewhat random from our perspective but I also believe it’s possible to be a people that so value the presence of the Holy Spirit that we actually in our adoration.

In our affection in our willingness to give him all the glory for whatever happens there is a welcoming of the Spirit of God to come and do as he pleases.

And he does have such a heart for people that we find people get he’ll do set free delivered people will lose addictions all kinds of things happen in the environment of the presence of the Lord so the anointing the realm of his presence is one.

Of the ways that people get healed a second way is actually a good scripture for this as found in progress chapter 4 is through the Word of God and this particular passage in Proverbs 4 it’s actually it’s actually repeated the concept is repeated several times throughout the scripture especially in Proverbs uniquely here it.

Is my son give attention to my words incline your ear to my sayings do not let.

Them depart from your eyes keep them in the midst of your heart for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh my words are life and health interesting story Randy Clark was telling me some some years ago about how many of you have heard about the healing revivalist from the 1950s there was an era where Johnson Carl told.

Me actually you know lunch meeting I had with him that there was at one time there would be I think it was 350 gospel tints established around the country at one time and they would be healing revivalist in those tents and miracles unlike the world had ever seen before we’re taking place in these tents some.

People some lesser-known people the great explosion of God’s power and there was a conversation that Randy was tell me about between I believe it was Kenneth Hagin and Oral Roberts and I forget who initiated the conversation so I don’t have that part but one of them went to the other and they.

Said you know when this this particular revival is over when this has lifted you and I will be the only two still living and.

They said why is that and they said because all the other healing evangelists only know how to get healed as an expression of faith and they don’t know how to get healed by the Word of God the gift that God puts on our life to pray for people to see them healed a.

Gift is always for others it’s not for ourselves an anointing on a person’s life to bring healing to the multitudes it’s not for you it is actually to enable.


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