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I’ve noticed through the years the different ways that people get healed kind of his economy of divine health and healing the healing process happens in so many different ways and learning how he moves learning how he works is actually a part of the renewed mind and the renewed mind enhances the actual activity of the holy spirit it doesn’t.

Come from the mind that comes from the heart but the renewed mind enhances gives them almost like the banks of a river gives a context for it.

To flow in and in just pondering some of the ways that I’ve seen people get healed one is just through the presence actually the the presence of the Holy Spirit and I know he’s always with us but he’s not always with us with that specific expression if you know what I mean.

I’ll try to explain the Bible says in Luke 5 it says and the power of God the power of the Lord was present to heal now the Holy Spirit is the power of God the Holy Spirit.

Is the person of Dunamis the person of power and while he is always present with us he comes in different manifestations I am here not singing but sometimes they sing sometimes I kneel sometimes I stand sometimes a shout sometimes I be quite listen the way I express myself in this context varies the Holy Spirit when he comes always has a unique expression he’s fully capable of multitasking so he can do something different for everyone but the point is is in the corporate gathering.

There are times where he comes with a unique expression and we’ve seen people healed I remember one Sunday a gentleman was very frustrated because his glasses weren’t working and it was until he removed his glasses that he realized he actually got healed sometime during the meeting and he could see fine without his glasses I’ll never forget that to two individuals sitting in that section actually in one Sunday morning both had been healed of the lingering effects they had from broken necks.

They weren’t paralyzed but they had ongoing problems that were actually heal both healed during worship they met me at the back door individually probably 15 minutes apart and told me briefly what their story was and it was just healed during worship we.

Had a gentleman visiting us from the UK who during the worship time somebody spilled hot coffee on his back and shoulder and he turned rather agitated or frustrated only to find nobody was standing there and he had a very serious injury in.

His shoulder that that caused him to he sold all of his athletic equipment because he used to be very involved in rowing and other things and and he sold all of it because he couldn’t do it anymore because.

Of this very serious injury to his shoulder well when the supposed not coffee got spilt on his shoulder that was the hot presence of the Holy Spirit which like coffee should be a great blessing and I’m feeling a.
Connection here and and actually.

In that moment he found that he was healed there was no nobody pray for him the point is is in none of these cases did the person come in with a request to be healed very legitimate but they didn’t they didn’t come in.

With a prayer nobody came put their hands on him we see that happen a lot where someone who.


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