2018 Michigan Bowhunting – Episode 4

It’s Friday October 19th still Bo season it’s about 58 degrees so it’s kind of warm coming out for an evening hunt I worked half a day today so I was able to get out we shut down early so I’m cruising out here to the state land where we bow hunt and you know last week we got a deer.
Down so I got another tag but.

Four more on one side so I’ll.

Have to shoot at least a seven or an eight pointer but there’s a couple.

Big bucks that around the area so that big 10 pointer I saw last week and then Jamie he was out this morning and saw a really nice look like an 8 pointer kind of tall not super wide but tall 8 was some mass so that’s super exciting there’s two Danny bucks out here you start seeing them this time of the year they start showing up so it’s super exciting that there’s some life out in the woods that’s bigger than the small bucks we’ve been seeing my uncle.

Rob is going to be out here hunting with me tonight and hopefully we’ll get something I’m running way behind I actually forgot my arrows I had everything packed up I was eating lunch and I was gonna cruise out out here and I realized I forgot my arrows decide to drive all the way home get my arrows you know I got him now so you can see them back there we’re ready.

To rock we’ll check in at the stand well it’s Sunday October 21st it’s about 10:30 not that no dear dear nobody.
Knows oh man look at these burly men I’ll fresh out the swamp one..


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