New Supermom Accessories And Healthy Hero

This time I’m gonna give you fit through of the new healthy hero planner and also the Superman planner they have different and dashboards inside and I like this one better and I’ll see if I can convert to convert this really power into a Super Mom and also gonna tell you how am I gonna decorate my healthy here a.

Planner and to a supermom planner let’s start so first of all when I tell you why I like the supermom layout and I like this plan they’re better than the other ones this is from 2002 happy planner girl.

Collection from me and maybe ideas if you live in the United States you might know that you can find inside your ants and Michaels and on their website so I chose and there is two designs of the happy planner supermom there is a black and white stripe and there’s this one and like this one because it’s matches with a pencil case and what I like about this in this company that everything you can snap back into get out you can put it.

It out and look how cute this is so you can put pencils and pens in here but I right now all I have are the washi tapes so I’m gonna take this.

For a bed to it I want to put in the side and so I can show you the habit lon so this is how it starts let me give you.

A better close up okay this is the close-up of the happy planner and then right here it shows the birthdays month master plan notes and important date and then when you flip through the other side you.

Get your monthly view this are my sticky notes this whole sticky notes so you can you can use it for.

Everything but I seen that they use and I think is really smart in case you don’t know why you’re gonna do for the month or your BC you write down the sticky note and you put it here you put it here and opposite okay I wanna write this thing when I write something down here so I won’t forget so when you have.

Time and you come back to your planner you say okay you have all the sticky.

Notes all this you need to do it and you already know what you’re gonna do you can put a sticker you can decorate it and and there’s here that says to all the teens you can put all the tinsel you’re gonna do that you can use it for whatever you want but that’s how I seen they used it and on this side they.

Have the monthly goes to the list and.

Top priorities but the cool thing about this and we people relieving and hyping about and talking about a lot is a new layout that they have it’s a new dashboard so this one I have you know for each week.

So this is the planet for each week after them the calendar of the month you have what you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do for each week you see here you know and then.
You’re gonna do the same thing for next week you see the.

Same thing for next week this is a this is a pocket folder that I that I got for a supermom collection so let’s go for one screener how many stuff okay all the.

Other things are all the weeks are the same so that’s a matter if it skipped so the cool thing about it have it breaks down thin that you can write down it since I you need to do for the week so I have things to buy.

You need to buy for the week they also you need to pay for the week called Emil’s you need to do especially you know your son or your daughter you know your children are in school and you have to call many people you have to email other people if you’re working.

Your work requires to call an email lot of people that’s really nice and have the errands aerial stuff you have to do you know like laundry.

Buying groceries etc and then the focus part in case you you don’t really need to use this part like I really don’t you can put a sticker on top.

You can be calls more calls and emails so you can just expand this or more bills to.

Pay you just put a sticker on topic a little sticker they have the letters they have the the phrase bills to pay or pay there you have a lot of stickers that I think I show you on the other videos that I had and then and then you have all this so this how it looks like and that’s what I like it we get after it.

Your your layout for each week then you have space so you can write more stuff let me give you some now you have for each with example this is generally a Monday 14 and they have 15 so you can write what you’re gonna do this way you know you can break.

It out if they have what’s for.

Really gonna use them you can actually purchase something else from the happy planner push it this a grocery list a meal planner so I’m gonna use this and I like it because you can write down rice stuff so I’m gonna use this better than this little thing probably gonna put sticker and open.

Yourself or something else so how I did create my planners are a accessory package you can buy under website or other stores and then you just put it inside.

So what I did is quick this are the inspirational cards like this one this one is from the healthy here.

I already opened the one from the supermom collection you have this cute bookmark how it looks is it’s mom fuel I think it’s really really cute and.

The supermom collection healthy here has more and I will show you in a bit and they have the sticky notes I already talked to you about they have many sticky notes only have those.

They make sure have Sun so this is another accessory pack and.

Have sticky notes as well another thing that they have are they.

Campbell ups you can put any receipts here any important things you can just put it in.

Here and you skip the safe and have different one how this is another am below and I did this is the medium size it’s a small dice they’re really really cute besides this they.

With pockets that I didn’t purchase so we’re gonna jump and into the healthy.

Hero planner okay friend 2018 happy planner girl collection this is the healthy hero and I wanna show you how it looks inside and also how am I going to decorate it with Superman accessories because after all my mom so let me take this you can fully see how it looks and take this thing sticky beautiful it’s just so pretty that’s why I got it even though the Superman layout is better for me it works further for me I just wanted.

This for the design and that’s why I’m gonna put more accessories for the Super Mom so I mean it make you look more like a Superman okay so this already looks right inside and you already seen this you can pass forward I will put that time in.

The description box so that’s how it is from the beginning.

You boo hello healthy hero happy planner belongs to you put your name and then you have your um your calendar and.

Then you’re gonna have its big different picture for each month for this part it’s gonna be the same for um for everything so here you’re gonna have your what inspires you your goals let me give you a close-up a better look upstairs you can separate each thing and different faces how you feel about yourself about.

Your body and about your mind how you gonna make it better for you and it’s really cute I think I don’t think I want to change that I needed one the cool thing is if when you after you get your mom tape you like the same with water supermom standard you’re gonna have this layout for each week of oil this one is also different for the plastic.

Ones that they have before store that innovating the pretty more new.

Stuff and that’s really cool I.

Didn’t saw so even though it’s more difficult to choose which planner is gonna be best for.

You so I’m gonna get uh show you everything here with it detail and I wanna show you how am I gonna decorate it okay so it starts with what you’re gonna do today we’re gonna today we’re gonna focus on the foot log and you want to track your food because after all this is this is a help to hear a planner and they have the water tracker and exercise what you’re gonna do I won’t really.

Track my food anymore it’s not like I ever did but sometimes I was concerned.

I was gonna work with eating and what I we should be what I should be eating I.

Don’t do that anymore so I’m gonna put a sticker on top and figured out what what I’m gonna put it I’m gonna make it seem like I wanna make it like a supermom planners that are gonna put bills to pay or something like that but everything also I think is really is really.

Cute it’s really fine and then next everything.

Will be the same for ish okay so this planner have the really cute bookmarks let me show you all of them they have here that they didn’t have for supermom really have this first one thought I’d only have one that came in the in the accessory pack like here there’s only have one now for the healthy career and for all they wanted a socialite they have more.

So let me show you each one of them so you have an idea these are the ones have one date.

At time progress not perfection one day at a time I gave my different color and this little cute one with it and they’re really cute one with cross over here okay so.

Now I want to show you this accessory pack and I’m gonna put it inside my healthy here umm plan I’m sorry I didn’t in the video to this part because I.

Forgot to show you that I have more bookmarks these are the rest of the book Martha come together when you purchase the accessory and you have put your heart into it and then you know the heartbeat and the best part is and you ordered my first time you can get so you.

Guys sticky notes you get a book more you get to book monster mini one and a large one I see my my using this for Bible like the same size you.

Get the stickers you get a it’s just wonderful place and what you get to get.

To yes and then you get as extra paper this are the healthy hero accessory packs so I wanna use when I try to put this inside this are the healthy heroes texture pack these are inspirational cards are also going to.

Use this for this blender and I’m gonna buy some extra inspiration car in supermarkets only have one only about once per month without the hero and I reuse you the he’s given you an idea how to use them and will we do another video how to how I wanna do my em we’re going to organize my planner.

You’re not gonna have a lot of stickers that I want to use like this one and this is our inspiration cards to I’m in another video a flip through all this and these are.

More thicker than the other one the other ones are papers it’s all more like a cartoon I also wanted to show you that this that I also have extra before I go I wanted to show.

You what I did with the extra paper notes and as you.

Know but they’ll do sell extra paper notes simple paper rebel papers I will show.

You the different types areas so you can write down anything you can put obviously one of the fish one of the posters inside your planner you just can’t remember I told you can snap put it in snap it back you can snap it back.

On and take it off so what I did is I push it this on middle just that they do sell this is for the happy planner and I purchased this for 60% off well.

This all that rubber one because they do have bigger ones they’re the expander expanders that’s why I didn’t go to school metal disk and have plastic one I’m not wrong so let me show you all the single paper okay so this is from a supermom right supermom and then this is just so and I have all the things I show you be productive then they have this oh no reason I like.

To draw I’m gonna having good at it but I just like you know just whatever it comes to my mind when I’m born when I’m think you know what I’m gonna do what probably I’m going to do and everything is repeat itself oh and how this also there’s so.

Many things that’s are different one that came from a different pack so happy notes and I did the same and so I guess put them all together and whenever I need to use one if I know writing on here I can just take it and put.

It on my planner so he’s giving it giving you an idea if you had in case you have a lot of this papers in you she doesn’t know how to storage that.


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