10 Tools Every Man Should Have That Will Help You Survive

Revolutionary number three introducing one of the most clever and versatile tools you’ll ever use the orange screw with it’s simple design the orange screw is useful in many environments where other products often fail they’re also made entirely in the USA from 100% recycled materials by our family-owned company have you ever.

Experienced a tent stake fail in the wind or rain had your son shelter blown over at the beach had your dog yank his stake out of the ground chances are something like this has happened to you that’s why we created a better product one that can easily handle all of these jobs our patented helical shape has been rigorously and successfully tested in various environments soil types and temperature extremes with.

Coarse threads and a lightweight yet burly design Ori screws are unique among ground anchors and render traditional tent garden and other stakes obsolete Orange screws are so easy to use simply start driving the.

Screw into the ground and finish it off with a clear plastic safety cover which doubles as a t grip even the most difficult soils are no match Orange screws are available in two sizes they’re incredibly strong and we guarantee every orange screw sold it’s time to simplify your gear and use the one ground anchor that does it all the orange screw will replace metal dog tie outs or provide a quick tie-down for other large animals they’ll secure your RV awning in the wind or keep your tent.

Or beach shelter securely where you placed it Anker a tarp over your tractor a TV or fire one these handy little workhorses have literally hundreds of uses our family created the orange screw to help make our outings less stressful and more enjoyable we truly believe you will love them and use them just as much as we do they are quite.

Simply number two what if you could add additional.

Features that you never thought would be possible on your mobile device hi guys my name is ethics i’m colin of next baby i’m more than a phone.

Case that will change your life next pack is a modular smartphone case that allows you to customize your phone to do more than to allow you to do more with your phone how does it work slide your phone into the next pack case add some modules access the app and enjoy the unique features each module provides we’ve already created.

12 modules to get you going and there’s more to come next pack is the first phone case that allows you to switch Hardware between Android and Apple devices this means you can trade modules with friends and family and experience the different features each module provides if you do choose to upgrade your.

Phone all you’ll need to do is change your case and your modules will always work with you from the first idea it took us about two years to arrive where we are now we were.

Originally inspired by brainstorming.

Cases that allowed you to add one new feature to your phone and we thought why not make one case that allows for many.

Customize for your lifestyle we have an experienced team with members spread across the world all bonded together through our passion for nexpaq we’ve been working around the clock to collaborate on each other’s time zones and get our device to where it is today.

What comes out of this campaign is just the beginning we.

Are currently working on additional modules for the near future but even more importantly we are building a community for developers to thrive and meet the needs and wants of nexpaq users think about an app store four modules that can enhance your phone.

Whenever we show it to someone we get some crazy ideas for future modules.

What about a tiny lipgloss or a little blush night vision camera 3d camera walkie talkies to talk with your friends food books a fingerprint scanner a game controller a baby monitor a life number one introducing the Stanley fat max power tool a first-of-its-kind clamping power strip that allows you to clamp your power where you need it when you need it the power Club grabs onto just about anything and with three grounded outlets it lets you tap into power.

Safely and securely the power claw is designed to supply power in unconventional places and keeps you from having to deal with loose wires and we all know how dangerous that can be it comes with a three foot heavy-duty cord.

And features a built-in circuit breaker to prevent overloads don’t deal with loose flimsy wires ever again because.

Now you can have the power cloth the Stanley fat maps powerful clamp your power thanks for watching please comment below which one do you like best let me know your thinking don’t forget to share this video and subscribe to any see you next time.


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