10 Tools Every Man Should Have That Will Help You Survive

Subscribe to channel please comment below and don’t forget to share this video number 10 there’s a new way to inflate tires sporting equipment and more it’s called the air hawk and it’s revolutionary the air Hawk is an amazing new cordless handheld air compressor that pulls in the outside air and then compresses it into the tire it’s fast easy.

To use and extremely convenient you no longer need to drive to the gas station for air you.
No longer need to pull out the large bulky air compressor you.

No longer need to buy those messy expensive cans of air the air Hawk is the most convenient time-saving way to fill up your tires not only that the air Hawk digitally reads the pressure and can be set to stop automatically when it gets to the correct tire pressure the air Hawk can help you out of a bad situation traditional hand pumps are difficult to use in clumsy the air Hawk is easier faster and far more efficient the air Hawk comes with several.

Air nozzles for a wide variety of uses you know how frustrating it is when you have a.

Flat ball but with the air Hawk flat balls are no longer a problem in the past blowing up inflatables such as pool toys and camping air mattresses was a hassle with the air hog that job just became much easy number 9 well in fun to use the e tape 16 takes the human error out of measuring by giving you an accurate digital measurement every time with the ability to recall your measurements at any time as you lengthen the tape measure blade you immediately see ye tape 16 is different and not your ordinary.

Tape measure it takes the guesswork out of measuring with a large digital display one can see and read the measurement clearly with the touch of the inch centimeter button it allows you to read the measurement displayed in inches feet fractions decimals and even converts from standard to metric and back not only does it measure easily and accurately but it has several other useful functions when taking a measurement you can use the standard blade lock or use the.

Button the large display makes your measurement easy to use and.

Easy to remember in recall with a touch of a button the inside-outside function allows you to measure to the front of the tape measure or to the back and calculates the extra.

Width no more needing to bend your blade when backed into a corner when you need to hang a picture or find the.

Center of a measurement press this centerline.

Button and it will calculate it for you whenever someone sees the e tape digital tape measure for the first time their initial reactions are that is cool it makes total sense and I want one thus.

The digital tape measure was born since its origin the e tape is proven useful in a multitude of settings the e tape 16 is a unique and durable tool that provides data in a more simple reliable and accurate way for any.

Job whether at home or work the rugged and durable Etape 16 digital tape measure will ensure your measurements are accurate every time here’s to measuring once and cutting ones number eight number seven number six.

Every great chef knows that the secret to success is having a reliable partner in the kitchen meet your sous chef the iDevices kitchen thermometer a feature-packed cooking thermometer that lets you know when your food is ready on your mobile device designed with your kitchen in mind the sophisticated aesthetics are.

Paired with features for the modern chef aimed at making it simple to create culinary masterpieces for all occasions setup couldn’t be easier as soon as you turn it on kitchen thermometer.

Will automatically connect to the I devices connected app and display the real-time temperature of your cook with dual probes you can monitor two separate temperature zones at the same time whether you’re cooking a larger roast or two different pieces of meat select a recommended temperature preset once your food is in the.

Oven the high devices kitchen thermometer takes over allowing you to focus on more important things so go ahead and relax the app will let you know when your food.

Is ready the I devices connected app connects your kitchen to the rest of the culinary world explore our community globe for inspiration or browse our exclusive recipes for something new to try you can even share your.

Latest culinary masterpiece on your favorite social network with the iDevices kitchen thermometer you can conquer cooking perfection and leave your family and gasp speech number bud bene product.

Developer and founder of the eb tool company we use tools to make tools me and my father spent seven years developing a quick gripper uses patented technology to convert pulling force into gripping force anytime you.

Get a nail or a staple that needs to come out it’s always a paint hammer uses a conventional cloth a lot of nail much like the cat’s.

Paw it’s on the back of the put the quick Ripper basically coming around the head and then pulling the nail out that way the quick Ripper it’s got that cat’s paw but it’s also got these jaws.

It’ll pull just about anything you can get in those be it screws staples nails whatever you actually.

Get a lot more leverage with a quick Ripper more force up top more of it is translated into polling force because of the way it’s designed so as you’re pulling it out it’s gripping harder and harder and harder the harder you pull the harder.

It grips and it makes just about anything come out staples are pain to get out with a conventional hammer because it can only grab one side at a time the quick rippers wide jaws can grab both sides of the staple at once pulling the whole thing out in one fluid motion no matter where it’s at nothing else pulls a nail in the corner out but quick rip or does the jaws will pull out what.
Conventional forks won’t ever come close to because it can.

Actually get right into a corner and pull those nails screws and staples.

Out things like long nails right now conventional hammer can’t get a nail.

Past a certain point the quick River allows you to take a second bite at that nail and pull it all the way through pretty.

Much no matter how long the nail is you can get it out with the quick grip it doesn’t matter if the nail is mangled if it’s headless in fact it’s got enough gripping force that it can actually grab the pointed end of a.

Nail pull it right through a board it doesn’t matter if the head is there or not the quick rubber helps save you money in several different ways it replaces a lot of tools that you wouldn’t normally have to carry around because like locking pliers a large crowbar a hammer it replaces several tools at.

Once so you don’t have to hunt for another tool when the one you have won’t do the job this is a quick River does them all it can actually help you repurpose wood you can take old boards off of a deck pull all the nails out no matter how embedded that head is you just grab the whole thing pull it through in one fluid motion reuse.

All those boards it works great for trim because trim always uses those little tiny Brad’s that.

Are pain to get out because you can’t pound them to where they Bend we can just grab them from the back side pull them right through when you we use that trim it saves everybody time and money no matter what their project the quick Ripper was designed to be used.

By everybody from professionals down to your home hobbyist who’s just got a small project that they need to do the quick Ripper is great for everyone from the professional construction worker down to your home hobbyist who just has a project here and there makes a great gift and.

It’ll make every job that much easy nema quart jar bike is the easiest and quickest.

Way to learn how to ride a bicycle using a jar by kids can learn a ride without.

Training wheels or stabilizers and learn a ride in one afternoon well as far as a child learning the Rider bike confidences is everything having a product that that gives that stability from the outset could really fast-track child’s development and confidence in cycling I mean as far as I’m concerned.

Bike is the paper clip of the bicycle world I mean why is it why isn’t nobody done.

It before it’s such a brilliant concept well any spinning disc is a gyroscope it’s just a matter of what you do with the gyroscope to put it to work.

For you when you spin a disc it creates a.

It doesn’t want to move off its.

Axis what we do is we turn it on its side and when this spinning disc is tilted it actually turns the wheel so that the child can continue riding upright gyro bike has engineering happening all around the world and specifically in Holland we have an advanced war going.

On with computer simulation models to understand the art of balancing a bicycle when a bicycle is riding at a at a low speed in this model we can see a how stable a bicycle is we implemented the gyro.

Wheel into the model the gyro wheel is doing.

A great effort on under stability of the bicycle the jargon can help I can see the opportunity here not just for children but started to think.

About how this technology could help more people a lot of children with disability get left behind and therefore something that people take for granted like riding a bike and not being a 12.

Year old with stabilizers would give them so.

Much confidence that’s the furthest well up the first time she’s ever actually got on a bike and been able to ride out yeah I think it’s really fascinating when you see the gyro bike for the first time and that it doesn’t fall over and that’s really.


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