Aliexpress Nails Accessories – Diy Cheap Shellac At Home! | Aliexpress Knock-off Unboxing & Review

Hi guys thanks for 20 and again this is going to be a review on the born pretty store big bling Duke and the clear jelly Stamper a big bling original if you don’t if you do not like these types of videos if you don’t like dupe videos please exit out now no sense and you getting upset over something.

Like this when you already know what it is by me telling you as well as on the title so if you want to see the review keep on watching so this is how they come packaged and the pasta.

Container the clear jelly Stamper comes with one firm credit card style scraper the born pretty store comes with an.

Extra head at the bottom and two flexible scrapers two of them here is the difference in size born pretty store is much smaller so here’s the born pretty store.

Very small as acrylic clear jelly Stamper one and hopefully here you can see how thick they are here are both stampers with the first glance is they look exactly alike they both have.

The bling at the bottom they both come with a cap same size same size yep pretty much it’s all the same size the born pretty strong one comes with an extra head there’s the bling at the bottom the big bling does not come with an extra head but it comes with the bling they are again the same size no big difference there and yep same size I mentioned this on my unboxing video but the big bling is definitely a hair softer they both come with.

The big lip and they have a big lip right here hopefully you can see that so they both have a big lip and the Stamper won’t fall.

In that’s the only difference that I can tell is that the big coin is softer well.

Not much much softer you guys can see right there they both go in but the big bling is softer a hair softer because we get here on the nail hopefully very easy born pretty store it’s also very easy but firm it still covers the nail though with ease okay already.

Mentioned comes with a lip the big bling born pretty store as the lip as well so I’m going to stop here and just clean these because I’ve been touching I also wanted to mention in case they haven’t seen the other video that I did the unboxing the holder for the Stamper obviously has the the rhinestones so you’re not going to be able to see through it but it does fit here.
Snug and also it fits it fits this holder I didn’t think it was gonna fit.

But if it’s it’s not falling out and there you have it if you are curious it does fit it hold it these swatches are going to be out of the box I have not primary stampers at all I have done nothing to them I may just use the lint roller on them because I’ve been touching them and I have cats I am going to start with the born pretty store and then the clear jelly Stamper giggling.

I will be using Fabio nail plate 16 and if memory serves me right you can still get this on our website from this point on I’m just gonna speed up the video okay guys thank you for watching please don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe even if it’s a thumbs down I appreciate them all let me know down at.

The bottom in the comment section if you have any of these items and what you think so till the next video have a great.


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