Family Sized Power Air Fryer Oven Official Review

Okay I place the Cornish hen on rotisserie I had to drop the drip pan down one because it was too close to the actual chicken but there is enough clearance at the top now sit for thirty five minutes but so far everything I’ve cooked takes a lot longer but so far so good but it just started we’ll check.

Back a little bit later okay it’s been 35 minutes and like I thought it’s still pretty wrong so I’m gonna put it in for another 35 minutes and see what happens they’re 70 minutes so let’s check the.

Look done okay the internal temperature was showing like 136 and it’s supposed to be 160 so I put it back in for another 15 minutes I don’t know jury’s still out okay that was what ten minutes so total it’s been like eighty minutes and I’m showing internal temperature of 144 it’s supposed.

To be 165 I went online on YouTube to figure out where to check the temperature so I think I’m doing it right but the point being is this thing is still not done so I’m thinking another 15 minutes.
Okay that was another 15 minutes so total has actually been 110 minutes I’m.

One of the earlier shots I said it had been there for 10 minutes those actually 15 so right now I’m showing an internal temperature of a hundred and fifty-seven it’s still not at 165 the book says 160 but everything I’ve read says 165 I do not need to get sick um I’m getting tired of this and I actually had to eat something else.

Because I was starving and I don’t even know if this looks.

Good anymore all right so I want to.

Put it in for another mmm 10 minutes this is ridiculous but I’m not gonna give up well not yet well 10 minutes later and 152 I’ve been actually sticking this thermometer pretty much everywhere because.

Now I don’t know what I’m doing and a hundred and twenty minutes for a small Cornish hen come on and I’m putting it in another place this is ridiculous nope I’m committed to getting this.

Done I’m actually exhausted not hungry anymore it doesn’t look appetizing anymore.

But yet I’m going to press on standby oh my god it’s a hundred and fifty-eight it’s still not even close to 165 okay another 15 minutes this is ridiculous a total of 155 minutes and it got to a total temperature of 157 it’s dropping now this is ridiculous I’m going to take it apart and take a look and we’ll take it from.

There this is ridiculous for one freaking Cornish hen I threw out the package I don’t remember how much it weighed but there’s no way it should take 155 minutes this is not worth it.

I’m very disappointed and let me see what happens when I take it apart you okay I took it out undid the twining and I started to kind of dig into it well look it’s still pink one hundred and.

Fifty five minutes and it’s still pink this is crazy some of the other pieces are cooked tastes pretty good but everything else uh no so this is a fail I’m very disappointed and I have spent a hundred and.

Fifty five minutes of my life on a chicken that I’m not even gonna eat all right good luck to you I’m done unlike this bird.


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