8 Accessories Girls Love Guys To Wear!

What’s up gentlemen so the other day I’m online and I stumble upon an article entitled eight accessories women love to see on men circles on this website called she knows and so I was interested I wanted to know what accessories women did because I know what accessories I’m telling you guys to wear but I wasn’t sure if they.
Were going to be the same today I thought.

We’d have a little bit of fun I’d like to go over the eight accessories that she says women find sexy give you my opinion on whether or not you should go for it not go for it and why starting with number one tank watch watches are classic and while many men gravitate towards leather band styles there’s.

Nothing like a gleaming tank watch paired with rolled-up sleeves my opinion is what the hell is the tank watch I’ve never heard it referred to but I would definitely agree with the first accessory a great silver watch is amazing it works with everything you can wear a casual you can.

Dress it up it looks incredible with short sleeve shirts or long sleeves rolled up and watches definitely take the forearm exposing gain to the next level right as we’ve talked about in multiple videos women.

Love it when a guy exposes his forearm and it watches a great way to add balance and actually make the forearm appear larger and more muscular number two art.

Framed glasses eyeglasses get a bad rap but they’re all changing thanks to some really fashion-forward offerings for both sexes what’s hotter than a man who looks.

Both intellectual and charming truly nothing totally agree gentlemen if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times there is no better way to take your hotness game to the next level like wearing an incredible pair of frames now she mentions dark frames specifically and I think dark frames are amazing but I also love tortoise for these black.

And gold called master style glasses guys if you’re looking to buy an incredible pair of frames you have got to go check out today’s video sponsor glasses usa.
com is killing the glasses game the reason is because they have cut.

Out the middleman which means they can offer you Chinn glasses for up to 70% off of what you would pay like.

In a retail store now they’ve got designer frames from like Ray Ban oakley Armond if their house brands these.

Along with these along with these I get more freakin compliments on these three glasses like whenever I’m posting pictures on Instagram period yeah well but where’d you get those frames and a complete set literally a complete set with prescription lenses start at 30 bucks seriously these are sick right matte black shiny temples um the really cool feature of the website is something called the virtual mirror so.
You can upload a selfie and try on the frames that you dig you.

Get them and you’re not a hundred percent satisfied 14 day money-back guarantee no questions asked they offer free shipping and they also have a crazy selection of badass sunglasses as well and the cool thing you can actually get your prescription in the sunglasses hit.

That link down below and go grab an even more amazing deal on already like crazy nuts affordable frames and I got a question for you what do you like better do you like the black and gold or do you think tortoiseshell is more my speed gentleman link below answer in.

The comments which frame black or brown number three edgy cufflinks a suit and tie might be pretty standard fare for formal men’s wear but that’s where the details come in handy cufflinks are a great way to inject some personality into your basic evening wear totally agree guys cufflinks are an amazing accessory and will take your game to the next level most.

Guys are a little bit fearful of wearing the French cuff but if you’re really getting dressed up and you’re wearing a tuxedo you definitely need a great pair of cufflinks.

They’re also a great conversation starter for skinny tie and then should go actually I’m not reading that nonsense I’m gonna have to.
Kind of disagree with this one she goes on to say how funny patterns are.

Almost vomited on myself and my standard tie here’s the deal guys ties are also.

An amazing way to set yourself apart but I would definitely go on the more conservative side and not do something too super skinny.

Number five is a briefcase a stylish briefcase says I mean business.

But it indicates attention to detail and a willingness to have fun know that a briefcase necessarily says fun to me what I think.

You should opt for instead is some type of stylish leather messenger bag or over-the-shoulder briefcase this.

Leather computer bag is my go to these days and it’s just amazing I get more compliments on this damn thing it’s an amazing accessory and it sets me apart from everybody else who’s just rockin like a standard backpack or a canvas bag something leather something classic you.

Can find great deals on them and they are money number six is a pocket square when a man goes all GQ women get a little wild pocket squares are a key component of that look plus another awesome way to spice.

Up a boring standby outfit by experimenting with pattern and color I.

Agree that a pocket square does take.

Your outfit to the next level when you’re wearing a suit I honestly feel like if you’re wearing a suit you shouldn’t like not have one you want to make sure though that it’s not like crazy over-the-top colorful in my opinion instead I would.

Go with something a little bit more subdued something like this or something like this white with a subtle detail.

Like the blue stitching on the edge or you can also go classic white.

Which is in my opinion the best for seven the leather bracelet agreed leather bracelets are amazing but I’m going to take it one step further and actually say that like subtle beaded bracelets are also a great accessory it’s something a little bit different and when paired with a watch they really do sort of take your outfit and your accessory game to the next level aviator sunglasses a pewter shades are indeed very sweet but in my opinion I think.

That a club master looks better on most guys and when I see a dude haze rock and a sweet pair of club masters I automatically know that as style game is like next-level classic Wayfarer also in my opinion looks better on most guys then the aviator shades the aviators are great and work good on a.


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