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This is day two of our weekend adventures today we going to magic I have my outfit on I have my Mickey Mouse shoes on from Disney I have my cute little what is this called I think it’s called a romper makes was like a overall dress mixed with whatever it’s cute like from Target corduroy love this more details.

On the blog soon and then likes Mickey Mouse shirt from forever 21 I love him my rose gold ears on I got my millennial couch well good Lillian eco accessories looking good love love regular monorail because the line.

Was literally out of the actual metal we need to stay like here in this line and now we’re because I want to check in to see if they have a pin board because they typically do like in the bottom floor so I mean I’m on the second floor but we are we have to go downstairs and check it out oh my gosh okay okay I’m gonna hit that one bullying wait no there’s only come with two in like a lantern.
But yes Zack of getting pens we found in the Polynesian but they have.

A boogie board in this mercantile place where you can get and then there’s a stitch and downstairs the lobby there’s ago a board that you can ask for so we are on the hunt for some place and we’re doing it and Zack is getting started.

He already knows that he loves it so but I.

Did trade for this change that pain I don’t know what it’s done but I know it’s been a trot but I know David wanted it so to them but I don’t know which one it is from I know Thank You Tube should I do the mystery or only because that the mascots like no the collective the ones because it has like the characters that’s the.

Character person so to update you guys yeah these are the fancy got this is it he got a newly tenured just boots with the treaty.

And we have all five pins from the baguette laid out so now Zacks.

Gonna flip each one of them over and figure out.

Which ones he got so the first one there Finn I don’t know where the characters we look hissing stitch that one’s cute that was her in Nepali here what do you advise such as like new same what do.

You advise I might trade you for this that’s a cute part okay the next time I’m keeping.

This in forever it’s Mickey and Pluto Pluto good one there’s like what I want to trade we need a piglet thank you.

Are we training this then we train this one are we trading between each other what it says what do you want – the buzz and woody it’s an even trade.

So that’s first ping train is with me from training this Mickey Mouse before.

The Woody and Buzz those kids come with chicken max there’s something David would have pointed out dad it’s a David man I’m a good girl you should call David you want the Mickey ears that’s the ones are getting we got a new one we have the chaser I’ve just got.

Now matches this one David would be so proud my boyfriend is gonna be so excited yeah perfect.

So much and you can trade it yeah no more than two yeah he’s never been traded before Simon but thank you so much for suss me it’s time y’all if y’all are doing it fine I got deal deal from um what’s it called from finally and this is ministry pin and I’m okay.

With it it’s pretty big pain so I’m cool with it if I see something of importance like really big significant importance I will trade this one when I’m not mad at you I think it’s time for us to go back upstairs and catch.

A monorail and get out of the Polynesian.

Resort so that was big training with Cheyenne and back in the Polynesian took pictures get everything done did some work in training and so.

You to get downside to go right it’s back to reality subscribe welcome aboard the Walt Disney World is that much fun for the transportation tickets enter adios muchachos.


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