Is Watching Sports A Waste Of Time? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 162

Waste of emotionalenergy that, just hike. Bring people along that you love. – And listen, I don’tfeel good after I do it. When I realize thatI’ve been laying there– (Link chuckles) Watching a man in a red sweaterhit a little white ball– (Link chuckling softly) For hours.

Meticulously fast-forwardingand then backing up when I see too much and tryingto erase it from my memory, I don’t feel good aboutmyself when that time is over. Maybe it’s the color red becauseNC State.

And Tiger Woods, I don’t know. Incidentally that issomething the research shows is that people, sports teams who wear red are more feared, but thathas.

Not really come into play with NC State, so, maybetimes are. – If more scientists like sports, then all sports teamswould be hues of red. – Thank goodness scientistshave better things to do than– – Okay, speaking ofscientists, now when you begin to look at what scientistssay about the psychology of sports fandom, you realize that, there’s.

Not a whole lot of people who are thinking about this. There hasn’t been anincredible amount. Nobody’s getting grantsto study fan psychology. – They already know how tomake a lot of money off of it. The people who are making money. – But there is a guy,so I read this article from the Columbia Journalism Review by a guy named Eric Simons.

He talked to a guy named Daniel Wann. He’s at Murray State, and this guy is, he’s described by mostof his colleagues as far and away.

The leadingsports fan psychologist in North America. But his specialty is studying this. If you go to his MurrayState professor page, it says, “In particular, Iam interested in the causes “and consequences ofsport team identification, “ie the extent to which a fan feels “a psychological connection to a.” – Which is incidentallyexactly what he says to his barista–(Rhett laughs) When he works from the coffee shop. – What do you do for a living? Well, let’s see how I can explain this. – He does what now? I was thinking of.

My joke so hard I didn’t actually listen to you.

Studieswhy people watch sports.

Okay– – I’d like to study why he studies that. – According to Eric Simons,when he talked to Daniel.

Professor Wann, he saidthere are eight reasons. People like sports because they get self-esteem benefits from it.

Because some people have money on it. Because their boyfriend or girlfriend or family member like sports. I mean, I’ve experienced theexcitement of being at a game and something thrillinghappens and you’re there with people you know, and, I don’t know. – Because it’s aesthetically pleasing. Because, like the theater— Aesthetically pleasing? – Yeah, because like the theater, it is a venue for emotional expression.


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