Is Watching Sports A Waste Of Time? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 162

My texts to you and made it seem likeI’m just texting pictures of myself to you. And– – The reason why I did that is because people were talking, I went #EarBiscuits and I’m looking at whatpeople are talking about and they’re talking aboutthe episode two weeks ago where we were talking about conducting friendships over text. – And then what we decidedat the end of that was.

You texted that GIF of yourself to me, we’re making fun of it. You did it during the podcastand I thought it’d be.- I did it at the end of the podcast, I don’t evenknow if it made. I think it was maybe evenafter it had cut off, but– – You texting me right now?- I did.

That’s hilarious, isn’t it? – Where is that from? – I just typed in Rhett and Link. It’s me giving the double thumbs up.

– Is that from something? – Did you. I don’t remember but it’snot computer-generated. – You did do it justto be funny, but then, after that, the next.

Day, youtweeted what you were wearing. – I mean you textedme, yeah you texted me. And I just thought itwould be funny to make a private text conversation– – But I could have had— Very public, because it related to that#EarBiscuits conversation– – That could have been very compromising. – I was having with the people! – So we text pictures– – What are you upset about though? – I’m gonna tell you. We text pictures of what we’rewearing to different events.

So that we don’t end upwearing.

The same thing, and I was like, I’mgonna send Link a picture and I’m gonna make a funny face in it because I send him pictures all the time and it’s just so utilitarian.

Got Jessie to– – I was like, “Jessie,take this picture of me “so I can send it toLink,” and I was like, I’m gonna amuse him alittle bit so I gave you the sideways thumbs up, I don’t know– – You were.

Being a friend,you know, it was great. – But you weren’t, because what you did is you took a picture fromthe privacy of my bathroom which had like— Okay, okay. – It had like the surfaceof my bathroom sink– – And the floor.- And I look over there and I see there’s like a.

Bigold, there’s like a big vat.

Of moisturizer, like lotion. What does he do with that? Is he picking his bone with that? (Link chuckling)And then there’s– – There’s a dark thing on the floor. – Yeah, it almost lookslike a sweater condom, but it’s just, all it is is— Panties. – (chuckles) You have to think about the different conclusionsthat people can draw! Okay? – Well the conclusion that Itried to get people to draw– – It’s not.

Even winter time!- Shut up! Was, look at Rhett justsending, after our conversation on Ear Biscuits, now he’strying to be so friendly that he’s sending picturesof himself constantly. – That was smart, that was good branding. I value continuing theseconversations on Twitter and that’s my way to doit and give the people what they want, a littlecandid shot of Rhett in his restroom, but I will say, I was bending the truth.

I was just giving you a hardtime and people couldn’t read between the lines enoughto know why you actually sent those two pictures. – Somebody did though, Isaw somebody comment on it and they said— You could figure it out. – He’s sending Link what he’swearing because they saw– – I left the text. – That picture from thered carpet at some event, I don’t know what itwas, I can’t remember, but they were, oh, he wore that, and so– – We went to the screening for Kidding. – Kidding, Kidding!- Jim Carrey show.

I will say, before I hit tweet, I literally zoomed in onyour bathroom countertop and looked at thatmoisturizer, I scrutinized it. – Why’s it such a big vat? – It was a big vat ofthat and then there was– – I’m a big man. – There’s some other stuff up there. I couldn’t tell what anything was.

You’d have a giant vat of moisturizer as well, just so you know. The surface area is unbelievable.

– I spent a lot of timeon that thing.

On the floor by your foot, that blackturd looking thing. (Link chuckles) – And I was like zoomingin on it and I loved it because— It could have been anything. – Through the reactions to mytweet and someone zoomed in on that and put likean arrow pointing to it and was like, “We needto talk about this.” I knew it would happen! I love it! Was it a sock?.

– No it was a winter condom. – Okay well we are actuallygonna have a conversation about sports. I’m sorry, I will not— We’re moving on. – I will not tweet screenshotsof private texts we have– – Sounds like a good rule. – I’m not gonna send youmore pictures of myself. Okay we’re gonna continuethis conversation, but first we do wanna letyou know that you can grab one of these mugs that. – Good luck with that! – I love this mug.

I feellike it brings me good luck for having it.

Superstitious, huh? – It doesn’t give anybody luck. It actually gives them the opposite. I don’t believe in what you’re doing. But I’m gonna still be nice about it. – It’s comically cynical,was the intention. (chuckles) – That is the RandLer, theofficial Mythical Beast mascot with a logo of himself on his tank top.

The colors of our BuiesCreek Elementary School, which incidentally, theychanged the frickin’ mascot from the demons, it’snot the demons anymore. – What? – Yeah yeah, I can’t believeI’m just remembering. Somebody went to Buies Creek school and took pictures.

Inside the gym and it says like Buies CreekKnights or something like that.

That demons is probably not a. – We gotta do something about this. – Yeah, you know what,they need to change it back to the demons.


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