Is Watching Sports A Waste Of Time? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 162

Of all, shout-out to @rhettmc on. If you wanna see this tweetin all its glory on Twitter. I can tell you about it but if.

You to go the @rhettmc Twitter,that’s R-H-E-T-T-M-C, you can see exactly how you’resupposed to experience it. I tweeted, “Pluto’s indifferenceto this whole situation “is. And then I just was like, that’s my tweet. I don’t tweet every day, but I was like, I did some Twitter, I feel alittle bit better about myself, going. – But of course after you tweet once, you gotta check back in and see, you know, how people are interacting with it. And at that point I see that people are tweeting back at me and adding you. “Oh you guys must be in the same place “tweeting about the same thing.” What?(Link chuckles) – Actually that would never happen. Because we’re in differentplaces, we both.

Looked at the same thing on Twitterand we both tweeted about it. The moment I tweetedindependently about Pluto, I was like, man it’s crazy. ‘Cause I had looked atthat, not that we’re gonna perform this song, ’cause we’renot, ’cause it kinda sucks. – It doesn’t meet the standard. – We had a song aboutPluto from 11 years ago about it not being aplanet anymore, I’m like, 11 years later. And I just thought it’d befunny to tweet this old video because I thought about it and I knew most people hadn’t seen it. – Yeah, what is your handle?- @linklamont. You don’t need me to lead you into that. You need to say, “Shout-outto @linklamont on Twitter,” and then you spell it. – And then, why are you saying Instagram? Shout-out to me on Instagram too. It’s kinda, it’s like a fallow field. – Yeah there’s a greatpicture of a mountaintop you can take in.

Ago? – One day what?- Seven years ago. It’s like a fallow field,my Instagram, and one day, it’s gonna blossom again. – It’s gonna be like soybeans or like, a forest. – Oh it was from November30th, 2013 we’ve been told.- Maybe it’s like, what is it, cicada? – So I tweeted about Pluto. Yeah, my Instagramaccount’s like the cicada, it only comes out every seven years.

I don’t know how many years. On twitter, I just tweetedabout the Pluto thing, and then I’m looking atthe comments under there, and immediately somebody’s like, “Oh Rhett also tweeted about this. So then I got a bone to pick with you. – I haven’t even picked my bone yet.

– You keep dangling thisbone you’re gonna pick.

Been danglingmy bone for 13 minutes. – Stop danging your bone and pick it! – (chuckles) Actually I guessit’s your bone I’m picking. – Stop dangling my bone and pick it! – So, I.

Don’t know whose bone it is, I don’t know what picking it is. But I saw that you tweeted another tweet that was unrelated to Pluto and it.

Was, you took a freakin’screenshot of.


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