Is Watching Sports A Waste Of Time? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 162

(upbeat electronic music) – Welcome to Ear Biscuits.

I used to say and I’mRhett, but I just figured, let me say and I’m Rhett.

– Oh but I wanna do it the right way.

– I wanted to force usto keep the.

– Yeah, I’m– – You see what happens sometimes, guys? – I’m sneaking it in.

– See, this is howsometimes it doesn’t start.

Useboth of those, Link, but just go ahead and startit the same way we always do. This week at the round table of dim lighting, we areexploring the question is watching sports awaste of time? (chuckles) – It was a dramatic pause there. – Today we’re exploring the question will I remember what we’re talking about? – I almost said, are watching.

Sports, and I was like, no,that wouldn’t be how you start that sentence. Is watching sports a waste of time? – So you’re having a grammaticaldebate within your mind about a sports sentence. – I was also, I’m stillintermittently listening to the podcast, the Joe Roganpodcast when Elon Musk was.

On and he pauses— It’s a long one. – He pauses so long whenhe’s asked a question that I feel like it’saffecting the way that I’m beginning to think. Like you ask him a questionand he waits seven seconds to say the first word.

Andthe first word’s usually uh. But he’s like the smartest man on earth. – You didn’t just skip to thepart where he smoked weed? – No, ’cause I was listening to it. It’s not as satisfying– – By the time this episodecomes out, this is old news. Elon Musk has gonesideways in some other way. Who knows what’s up with him by this point of an air date.

So okay, we will talk about, is watching sports a waste of time. I don’t know, I thinkwe might get. I don’t know that we’regonna agree on this one. (low growl) – Well, my answer to thatquestion does.

Not impact my behavior, I will go aheadand say that right up top. – Well I’m not saying we’regonna slap each other. – No, you don’t understandwhat I’m saying. But I would like to take a few minutes just to catch up with you, Rhett. I’ve been waiting for youto ask me that all day. (chuckles) – Well we spent ourprofessional mornings apart– – Every once in awhile you need a break.

– I just think it’s a goodpractice to just catch up. What did I miss? – I’ve actually got— ‘Cause I was at. – I was at work in the coffee shop. – Okay, well I didn’t know that. All I know is I got a text, you’re like, “Send me the.

Ideas youhave for those songs. “‘Cause I’m gonna work onthose,” so I sent ’em to you. I was like, I’m done for the day. – So as you might know, we’re gonna be at North Carolina State Fair on October 12th. If you have a ticket to thefair, you can come see us. We are doing the Tour ofMythicality in November, but this is a specialshow that’s all music and of course us trying tobe funny in between songs.

– But we’re writing a few new songs. We’re writing as many songs as we can just because we wannacontinue to shape what our live music will look and feel like as we potentially, welook for our potential to do that. – And specifically thething that I was working on, it isn’t even necessarily a.

Don’t wanna get into the details of it ’cause I want it to be asurprise for those of you who see it.

Good though,feeling good about it. – But I’m very excitedabout it, but I wanna– – Can I, I’m sorry, can I just break in onesecond, say that I just wanted to acknowledge that in the last podcast, we set up an assignment for you guys and we’re still processingthose things so part two to follow up.

With last week’s, how we interact with YouTube.

As users, we asked you at the endof that last podcast to tweet us #EarBiscuitsany recommendations.

You have for things that you thinkthat we will actually enjoy on YouTube as a platform as viewers.

So continue to let us know about that. – And when we think that wehave gathered the information and we have an opinion, wewill do the follow-up podcast. So no promises as toexactly when that will be, but we will be watching,noting, and we will come back. – So I’ll tell you what I was doing.

In, I madea playlist of some songs. I’ll give you a copy of it, sowe could practice in our cars singing along ’cause I mean,it’s not like we listen to.

Going to a concert where I’m attached to a particular song and then the artist, they cantell that they totally forgot how the song goes and they’re just doing it totally different.

I think they’re justdoing it for their own personal joy of it. And if I’m gonna do it, Iwanna do it intentionally, and if I didn’t listen backto these songs, brother, there’d be a lot of new lyrics and ways that it was delivered,so as a byproduct of that, I’m driving in, of course, LA traffic, I’m just sitting there. People pulling up besideme, waiting to get onto different highways as I tryto make my way into Burbank.

And I am singing or in some cases rapping at the top of.

My lungs, like,if you looked over at me, which people did, they would–(chuckles) Think that I was nuts, likeI was either being attacked by.

Bees or I was likebelligerently having road rage.

At the person in front of me. ‘Cause I’m like, “Yes I am a nerd!” (Rhett chuckles).

Like–(chuckles) – You don’t have to do afull bore performance– – Yes, you, Rhett— In order to practice. – You know what?- I’m saving it. I’m just trying to remember the lyrics. – Mistake, mistake, because first of all– – This is where we’re different. – How is anyone around yougonna.

Think that you’re crazy if you don’t do that, andtwo, breath control, man.

Thing I’m most concerned about. I’m not concerned about remembering lyrics or the other stuff.

I talked about, like delivering it. I’m concerned about being, given the way that we’re gonna do parts of the show, I am concerned with my breath control, my physical health, my cardio. So I’m giving it all I gotin the car.

And my throat, I’m trying to build my throat muscles. – Hold on, we’re notperforming in Dorton Arena from a car.(Link chuckles) So you’re going to be standing up, potentially moving around, gyrating, so if you really wanna dothat, you need to be in a van and have somebody else drive you around and you need to bestanding up in the back.

I can’t have enough breath control to get this stuff out whilein a driving position, I’m done for. – I have a bone to pick with you though, because while I was at the coffee shop, which incidentally I had sortof an awkward interaction with the barista because he was like, “Getting some work done?”.

‘Cause I had like my backpack or whatever. I was like, “Yep, yep,yep, just a little break “from the office,” which again,that was my pride speaking, ’cause I wanted to let himknow, I do have an office– (Link laughs) I do have an office I could go to. I don’t need–(crew laughing) I don’t need your coffee shop to work. – I am choosing to workat your coffee shop. And he was like, “Oh, wellwhat do you do for a living?”.

And I was like, oh man,I’m in that conversation. And I was like, well, what’s the best way to explain that? – Well given what.

Youjust said it seems like this is what you wanted. – (chuckles) And then I said,”I make YouTube videos.” And then he looks at thereceipt and he’s like, no, no no, he hadn’tlooked. He’s like, “Oh, you’re a content creator?” That’s how the barista spoke.

I was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” – We love it when you call us that. – “You go to YouTube space?” I was like, “No, we have our own space.” And I’m not bragging at thispoint, I’m just being truthful.

Then, he was like, “Oh okay, yeah.” He asked another question, I was like, “Yeah yeah, me and my best friend, “we’ve been working togetherfor a long time on this.” And that’s when he looked atthe receipt and he was like, “Oh, Rhett! “And Link!” He like looked up.

Maybe concerned about us, because it sounded like mywhole thing was a big story, so sure you’ve got an officeand sure you’re working with your best friend. – So that’s the bone youhave to pick with me? – No no, I’m getting to that. That was just an awkwardinteraction that I had. The bone that I have topick with you is the fact that I’m sitting there at. I actually think before Ileft to leave for the day, I ended up tweeting about,I saw the Twitter moment–. It should have never beendeclassified, and so, I don’t think it was aparticularly funny tweet. It was a legitimateobservation that you know what, Pluto doesn’t care aboutthe classification.

Don’t you wish that youcould care as little about what people think about you as Pluto does. – So you tweeted what? – I tweeted the. And then my comment aboutit was, first.


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