Diy: Black/brown To Golden Blonde Hair

Hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m gonna dye my hair today so I really kind of rough it’s 6:00 in the morning and I’ve been wanting to dime here for a while okay so I just put on a sweater or whatever and then I don’t mind getting dirty because I have any hot paint on it and I’m.

Gonna part my hair so I have a little clear cup and some quick clip bleach I’m gonna mix this with three throwing developer my hair is already light brown kind of because I dyed it back in February and I haven’t done anything since that we’d stay back in February so.
I’m just gonna mix those together okay so.

I filled it up this much with bleach which was like a packet and probably like a teaspoon of the.

Other plate now I’m gonna mix the three that I’m developed I already parted my hair but here’s the I apply it with my hands and I’m basically just gonna take some like this so for us to blend in the bleach the.

Blended with my hair I’m just gonna take this to kind of go like that so it’s.

Not just black and straight into blond guys so I put the bleach on I kind of put it.
Messy but I wanted to be like yeah I’m just gonna blow dry it now.

And I’m gonna leave it for about 35 okay guys so I left this on for about 40 minutes I’m gonna take it off rinse my hair and then we’ll see how it looks like oh and for the toner I’m using well that color charms toner and tt-there with a 20 valium developers.
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