Top 5 Best Pc Hardware Deals (8/19/18) Great Deals On Gpus And Ram!

That so that is a really good deal on.

Again you do get Windows installed on there so that is great lastly I want.

To mention some great GPU deals over on Amazon namely on the rx 588 gigabyte really dollar for performance this is the best GPU on the market right now hopefully as.

We see the release of more GPUs that gets a little bit more competitive but right now 588 gigabyte is the way to.

Go if you are looking to price the performance specifically the msi RX 588 gigabyte is down to 230 dollars over at amazon there’s a $20 million rebate knocking it down to two hundred and ten dollars that is an awesome deal for a 580.

Definitely would recommend that.

Alternatively there is also the XFX rx 580 which is just two hundred and forty dollars flat also an 8 gigabyte model so that is a great option as well I do believe you will get the free games when you pick up the RX 5 ET on Amazon.

Don’t quote me on that Amazon doesn’t promote it themselves but when I have bought a GPU off Amazon and there was a promotion running and it wasn’t promoted on Amazon’s website directly I did end up getting that voucher if not you can probably hit up msi or.

Whatever manufacturer you get your GPU.

From and they probably will hook you up so just bear that in mind but both those deals on those 5 ATS are really really good so that’s gonna conclude this video guys hope you enjoyed the return of PC hardware deals of the week I plan on doing this series consistently again and as we are going to see the release of more.

GPUs hopefully pricing gets better and better on the GPU side of things and oh they’ll find more.

Good deals on RAM monitors storage power supplies and everything in between that’s gonna wrap up this one if you guys have a request for a.

Future video you can leave that in the comments as well and I will catch you.

Guys in the next one peace out.


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