Top 5 Best Pc Hardware Deals (8/19/18) Great Deals On Gpus And Ram!

A little bit higher than they were a year year and a half ago obviously not to the extent of RAM or even GPUs a while ago but I’ve been noticing it’s slightly harder to find a great deal and great deals were abundant everywhere however a 750 watt power supply that semi modular for $54 after mail-in rebate you can’t go wrong with that a great power supply however 750 watt is on the higher side.

You might not even need a power supply like this for a lot of builds really I would only recommend a power supply like this in a higher-end build you’re going for a six or seven hundred dollar bill chances are you can get away with something like an EVGA 500 watt power supply this is a little bit overkill for you but maybe if you’re planning a build with an Rx.

20 atti something like this will be up your alley and even with something like a 20 80 TI a 750 watt might even be a little bit overboard for them but considering that’ll be a very expensive GPU you can fit in.

A PSU like this no problem otherwise for what you’re getting fifty four dollars is a great deal okay so those are the deals on Newegg let’s mention the pre-built computers first up we have the dell inspiron desktop pc over at office depot this is down to $600 and what you’re getting is a risin 5 1408 gigabytes of ddr4 ram a 1 terabyte hard drive and a 4 gigabyte rx 570 so this isn’t a crazy build but considering.

At $600 considering you’re getting windows already on it I would say that this is a great budget option if you’re a budget gamer and you just want a PC built for you you don’t want to do the building yourself this is a really good option for 1080p gaming this paired with the monitor that I mentioned that’s a great way to get started into PC game you’re gonna be running the majority of titles really high settings really.
High frame rates and again at.

1080p V or X 574 gigabyte is really gonna shine at that resolution the 570 is an optimal 1080p GPU and add.

That resolution outside of the tippy-top highest end games which you’ll still be able to run just.
At lower settings or lower frame rates the five-seven will do.

Very well in just about every other game for.

Those of you that have a micro center near you there’s also a really good pre-built computer it’s labeled the msi codex 0-62 it’s $1,300 and $1100 after you use the mail-in rebate so obviously.

You’re expecting a high-end building that’s what you’re getting and it’s all core i7 8700 K at three point seven Hertz a GTX 970 eight gigabyte 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram a 512 gigabyte solid state drive but that’s all.

You get you do not get a hard drive with this pre-built now it’s kind of unfortunate but a 512 gigabyte drive is still enough I think for.

A lot of people especially if you delete and reinstall games you should be.

Good to go but for me I would want to throw in at least.

An external hard drive in there or even better yet like a 4 terabyte hard drive as your excess games drive that would probably be ideal unfortunately that is a separate purchase you’re gonna have to make but still $1,100 after the mail in rebate that’s a really good deal and if you were to build this PC it would come out to a little bit more expensive than.


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