Top 5 Best Pc Hardware Deals (8/19/18) Great Deals On Gpus And Ram!

Yo what’s going on guys mush back at it with another video and this video is the return of PC hardware deals of the week ever since the return of PC builds have been getting a lot of comments and requests to bring back this series as well and with the ability of building pcs getting easier and easier now is.

The perfect time to bring this series back although in this episode I’m gonna mention a pre built computer as well because it was such a good deal I wanted to give that a shout as well but I’ve got.

Great deals on monitors power supplies graphics cards got a good deal on Ram as well so let’s get right into it I’ll start things off with the deal on RAM because that seems to be the one area a lot of people are hurting on outside of a GPU.

Now that GPU prices I’ve kind of normalized Ram prices are absolutely insane however the g.skill ripjaws series 16 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes sticks ddr4 Ram at 3200 megahertz is at a hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents over at Newegg now that is expensive for 16 gigabytes of RAM however this is the.

Cheapest it’s been so if you want a high quality 16 gigs of ram this is a pretty.
Good option yes again it is pricey.

But you really do have to go the pricey route if you want 16 gigabytes of ram it’s just gonna be expensive no matter where you look but this one at 3200 megahertz it’s – 8 gigabyte sticks it is a solid deal and I would recommend at higher-end builds you to give 16 gigabytes a look before like a year year and a half ago I would.

Always go with 8 gigabytes of RAM even in an $800 to a $1,000 bill that was still recommending 8 gigabytes of RAM at this point given where games are.

Going 16 gigabytes of RAM is gonna become more and more of a normality so I think just go with it now and it is gonna keep you good for quite a while $150 not a bad deal at all.

Over on Newegg let’s go through all of the new ideals first next up is a monitor the aoc gaming 21 and a half inch 1080p monitor is down to a hundred and ten dollars on top of that there’s a promo code that’ll knock off another 10% so if my math is right I.

Think you’re getting it from 98 99 that’s a really good deal for a 1080p monitor and I think 1080p is still the resolution most.

Gamers want to go at even though we do have the hardware to push 1440p pretty comfortably from the comments section that seems like 1080p is what you guys want to stick to this one does have a one millisecond response time AMD freesync and given the price that you’re getting it for I always said if you’re getting a 1080p monitor under $100 you can always that’s a good deal and this is once again a good deal if you’re in the market for a monitor that promo code.
Does end on August 22nd so take advantage of this as soon.

As possible moving on from that last deal on new ideas on.

AC Sonic focus series 750 watt 80 plus gold certified power supply semi modular it’s at $79 but there’s a $25 million rebate knocking it down to $54 which is a pretty good deal for a 750 watt power supply 80 plus gold certified and semi modular.

I’ve been noticing that following power supply prices more recently the prices do seem to be.


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