Shopping For Our Dream Wedding Dress (beauty Trippin)

Now age is what brings us together today ready for your job yes I’m very excited haven’t done a beauty trip in a minute I would say the same but I have the clue is here comes the bride the bride swirl with a Z no why what if we’re getting married to each other today where’d our things I didn’t.

Forget my wedding ring today no perfect I’m feeling vacant I feel like this is pretty straightforward we’re trying on wedding dresses but why would.

They pick us I don’t know because we’re the two last people you’re already married and I’m so far from getting married it’s embarrassing when I picked my wedding dress out it was kind of a sad day for me because I picked out a dress supposed to be a happy day I know but I picked out a dress I thought Matt would really like even though I.

Didn’t really like it so I didn’t get my dream dress who picks epic I know I wanted to be like my 12 year old version of the bride so I never got to wear the.

Dress that I always wanted to wear this got so dark are you gonna find like your ideal dress today babe yeah I made a deal dress so idiots gonna be like a poufy ball gown yeah and then we’re gonna get married time together and I think in another leg if I were into girls so that I would totally be into Lily and photos prove that because we look like we’re in.

Love actually Island I’m like I’m in love with her she.

Did break me balloon the next step is a ring early to hate me after you welcome hi I’m Cassidy nice to meet you just this place this is a bridal store welcome.

Is so beautiful here it’s like literally a wonderly I’ve never been in any kind of place like this well now its first time I’m assuming we’re trying on dresses yes trying on dresses a new wedding day got some Brides here here should know that she’s married and I’m so single it’s embarrassing so you guys are gonna get.

The full Bridal experience we’re gonna get some mimosas champagne I’m gonna loose them and we can try welcome back thank you it feels so big this is already far and above better than any of my wedding dress experiences for.

My own wedding I went shopping and laugh at them you didn’t tell me that I was shopping alone I didn’t yeah and she also picked out.

A dress that she didn’t like but I know her husband would like it I was like who cares what he thinks but the night after you know he has to like want to take it off yeah well he’s.

Gonna anyway yeah I went to Koreatown I’m into Koreans all by myself and I text your photo of my wedding dress to my best friend and I was like hey girl do you like this she was like no I don’t think it’s you and I bought it anyway your entire experience just sounds so.

Sad I need to get remarried Oh perfect sound I should appreciate how romantic I really have your than here good so I’m married Lily’s gonna get married soon when she should come in to start looking for her wedding dress typically we recommend about not after I get.
The boyfriend after that we recommend about nine months.

Before your wedding it takes about a long time yeah it takes about five to seven months for the dress to be made and said us.

And then you want about two months for alteration how much are your dresses here they start at about 2500 and go up to about 18,000 oh my god I’m never getting married I know you aren’t technically brides at the moment but if you were what would you be.

Looking for and when I look like edible like a cupcake yeah yeah we can make you look like I would sound the exact here that it go yeah like.

I just see cupcake thrashing Halloween costume I am leaning away from cupcakes though I do love them something strapless okay I want her hot sexy bod as her wife so classic fitted gown yeah got it for our sexy Bob you look excited.

Already would like trying clothes on and I want to try all I know it gets a little intimidating up close but once you start trying them on like.

It’s so where do you start I know like here that wasn’t really pretty absolutely I think this is what Lily should.

Wear I like that one there’s lots of sex appeal it looks see-through but not really perfect do you write it up I like this one too no I can try that one Aaron’s just gonna be your way we like this one is this cupcake enough for you no no.

No not enough cupcake more icing okay you might find somewhere crazy back here I think I’m into both okay.

Very Victorian it’s very like I’m a virgin we say that Alicia no I’m gonna add some of these to the room for you okay okay this is very Twilight.

This is like Edward Cullen’s waiting for you in the woods okay look it’s literally sparkly I know you don’t.

Well I like later if it’s not on me the show didn’t get that memo okay question really it’s like sleeves well note so we.

Got time to shine here though but then what do you do about your nipples so you so in bust cups bust cups yeah boob cups so I don’t think the purpose are the.

Best would it be like the lining in like like a bathing suit or something or is it like more like it’s a little bit more like Bridal like it they’re like new like bust cups like it’s hard to describe I’ll show you what they say best cups one Richard Baskin oh my god so there’s like a lot of.

Room for moving yeah cuz you’ll do that I came along James left the chicken I’ve never seen you this pretty I mean you were gorgeous but like you’re like a dream right now maybe you should marry you what are we doing is those a joke or is it serious no we’ll never know do you like it is.
That not cupcaking enough for you no actually I put this dress on.

You guys loved it oh I feel like what.

Brides feel because they don’t ever get to wear nice like this link gap laughs it’s vivid in like it’s making me tell me dress stuff like this it’s more like oh you should be edgy and trendy but rarely do we get to be like greedy Aaron sorry I’m sorry it’s d carried away where do you think you’re anywhere okay so how are we feeling exist.

I want to get married I don’t care if I.

Don’t cap I mean I totally have someone to me well you both look stunning but I think we should.

Like what if we want to kind of.

It’s a little morbid but I like where your head’s I have to plan ahead should we be buried next to each other the cupcake your.

Cupcake I do I will say no I didn’t realize how dangerous the cupcake dress is I’ve already fallen twice am I’m leaving are you kidding I’m not sure I can’t tell oh my god cupcake dress is dangerous I think you’re just not good at walk how much is this dress 10 just.

A cool 10 K well you look beautiful that’s a lot of material though it is and it’s kind of sweaty I’m sweaty your wedding night you’re like get in here well.

I was not a fan of your cupcake style but like this nice it’s really I really pleasantly surprised with all of you this isn’t it quite as aggressive it’s yours yours has a lot of ruffles I feel like mine is.

A pretty shape play stuff I like this better than the first one yeah.

I like it better I think you said I should get married at the first one I know the.

First one needs to meet this one and those who should have a baby I like the lack of sleeves on the other one I wouldn’t have normally thought I like short sleeves.

But this is cute I love this on you and.

I love that the ruffles have like that.

Border it looks like oh just coming to inter quick toast is so sorry so last one better or this one better I liked the.

Last one better I think I need cupcake I went too far I didn’t know you could.

Go too far with a cupcake but boot phrase cupcake in general is going too far I can’t cupcakes and I take the icing off and then just eat the cake part that’s what I think I should do.

With my wedding dress option it’s like anyway I think I like the last one.

But this one’s really nice – I’m getting married many of them I just need a boyfriend are you ready yeah I love this dress you guys comment the comments.

Is this your favorite dress this is my favorite dress Stickley the hardest to get into yeah I think we still like the first.

One the best but this is my second favorite your husband is watching right now and he’s preparing I don’t know so that was my only thing is a bit like you’re supposed to wear white right I know it is 2018 also these are Metro I like to stay in it.

That makes me like it last but there is light lace you’ve got like more of a traditional Flair but then I feel like that like embroidery and stuff and the sheer makes it a little.

More modern not talking like I have any clue what I’m talking about honey.

The lyrics not falling asleep as I stayed in forward this dress looks like my wedding here I mean my wedding dress was like a little bit better than this dress her dress from her wedding is not ugly it’s like actually gorgeous so a little richer my point in picking such a boring dress is because it’s timeless so in like 50 years I won’t look at it and be like ooh that was gross like my mom had shoulder pads.

At her wedding you know it is like when a shoulder pads were popular no one.

Was this wouldn’t be like what is she wearing in 40 years you know yeah I don’t know in 40 years you might be liking that’s too scanty.

Or people are just like getting buried naked at that much well yeah but very glammed up their slab I feel like I need to break out into poor unfortunate souls so that is definitely a version of a wedding dress this.

Is not this is like for the wedding night that you know it’s appropriate about the most since we got here you look super sexy though Thanks honestly it is.

So comfortable and I’m just more like old t-shirts with holes in it to that I know you love a good robe so I need to go somewhere fancy in this outfit I need to go to some sort of show a red carpet the Oscars please tell me what event I would ever be invited to that I would be able to wear this dreamy this apparently is real wedding dress I don’t know if I would really go with.

Black but it does fit your personality but I think you want something a little less serious I think my mom would be a little upset about this I like it though I feel like it’s 2010 you do whatever you want you know it just swirl nice okay what we tried on several now but I think it’s time for like okay time mannalie is about.

Initiated we’re gonna get married oh my goodness early not to be confused with Lehren which is the.

Ship name oh do I have to do this feel.

Yep mouch now age is what brings us together today do you.

Earn take Lil’s to be your wife yes my lawfully-wedded you yeah are you sure yeah forever this and ever yes we can eat in and out forever okay wills urn yeah same question thumbs up thumbs down.

Like by the power best of your me bite I.

Guess Jill Jill let me do this uh I now pronounce you early and now the moment the perverts have all been waiting for kiss the bride welcome back it’s Beauty tripping I’m a sound guy today we’re at I can’t so what should we do now that.

We’re married we should go to honeymoon where we’ve already been to Cabo we’ve already been to London we’ve already been to Canada you’re acting like one Lucy makeover it’s amazing do you feel different I feel so happy inside that was so much fun I’m so glad that we got to do that because I don’t think I’m gonna be doing it for life let us know if.

You have any other ideas because I feel like this is a little outside of the box of stuff we normally do right yeah there anything else do you want to see us do let us know in the comments also subscribe the bell but also just comment below and like what you ship about or at least oh.

Part about early and if you could write our vows for us what was that why didn’t we change bells now you guys can write them for us and we’ll get married again yes maybe if we have budget maybe that time it’ll be real guys you’ve made it through yet another clever style video congratulations to you and thank you but if you want even more.

Click somewhere over here because there’s another video waiting for you but it’s probably really good it is really good I’m not saying publicly anyway then subscribe because that would be nice and we would really appreciate it and also subscribe but then also fit the bill I know it’s a lot but like we love us.


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