Beauty Standards- Full Video

I’m Carol Reese I’m 47 I’ll be four maybe once I stay at home I used to be a teacher and if he goes positive and negative it has a lot of the same variables and she would see the same on a car battery negative and what it’s doing to jump-starting the muscles women are spending money on things just.

To be beautiful in society when they already are beautiful it’s more intriguing just because of the fact that for me and I’m more focused on what makes myself happy but what I do know specifically especially when I see like people come in here and ask for help they’re always playing us like social media and floors and they’re.

Just like I want to look like this person but sometimes what they’re achieving can sometimes might be accomplished if they do not put the effort into it because some people want to look like a.

Million bucks but don’t want to put in the effort that’s one thing I know that therapist they’re.

Putting a very high standard on what she should look like but really there is no background to.

What beauty should like honestly I mean beauty is something that everyone should be able to be comfortable with whatever they think well like Instagram company I feel like a little bit like you soon friend you’re like black like to me what a lot of like they wore looked at being.
Popular like having a lot of.

Like facts you know I like a lot of money so I feel like even though I work so much I can make money like my socially elections set my standards on how I am if you don’t feel like you look attractive nothing I’m gonna get a certain amount of likes I’m gonna feel good about yourself you don’t.

Get a certified likes people oh I think these standards define the everyday life and get started especially sophomore year.

And make small because I didn’t feel like I was good enough or pretty enough and then I feel like I said like the idea hold anything so I stopped I stopped eating that stop giving insulin and I lost a.
Lot of weight and then that led to like.

A lot of like health problems later on and it’s just just really it’s really hard so I think beauty standards are too high especially for girls our age I.

Think it makes a big impact on what I wear and how I decide to look because I don’t want other people to look at me a certain way or.

Think that I don’t fit in I just want to feel comfortable with myself when I.

Was in seventh grade I was consumed with how I looked and I guess social media never really helped with that like because I saw all these pretty girls and I didn’t look like that I got really depressed but I’ve grown to accept myself and accept that I am NOT those people that I’m myself makeup.

Also adds to that because I can express myself social because they define an expectation.

Of perfection you me oh you need integrity personality.



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