Offload Your Gopro Content With Wd My Passport Wireless Pro

Is there here’s all the file structure that’s in there there’s a bunch of files included you know it’s like the stuff it needs to run and it’s got some different apps for Windows and for Macintosh but we’re gonna go to the SD card imports so I’ve just browse.

To one of the folders that we just imported to this drive and as you can see I’m playing this streaming from the drive and it’s very fast there’s no lag and you can edit even.

4k videos on the fly from the strive so it functions just like a.0 Drive so yeah quite handy it makes a great addition.

To any GoPro camera bag and like I said if you don’t own a computer this is a great way to backup and offload all your data I just want to go over a couple of things quickly for you if you are gonna be.

Using this in your camera bag and you’re gonna be traveling with it you may want to pick up a carrying case for it they don’t come with it and these are.

From Western Digital they have two different ones that that I ordered and this one is a harder case and you can open it up and it actually has a storage for memory cards in it as well and it fits the drive in there just nicely so there’s that option the other option is this.

Is more of a sleeve it’s a neoprene kind of material there’s.

A little pocket in there that you can put the.

The USB cable that comes with it and you know doesn’t give you as much crush protection but it takes up less space and it works just fine as well and lastly before I.

Go I forgot to mention this at the beginning of the video when you purchase a drive it also does come with its own little charger to charge up the device but you can use other ones as well and so yeah that does come with it well folks that’s pretty well it for this video hopefully you found it useful if you’ve been looking for a backup solution.

For your GoPro content or your drone content and I’ve been using mine now for about a month that I’m super happy with it I don’t regret the purchase at all in fact it’s made life a little easier for me when I get home I don’t have to spend too much time transferring content everything is already on my drive waiting for me to edit maybe I’ll actually get around to getting some more time lapses that it did now that it’ll be a little easier for me don’t forget to like this video.

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