Offload Your Gopro Content With Wd My Passport Wireless Pro

Hey folks today I’ve got a really interesting product I’d like to go over with you now if you’re a photographer videographer gopro agra fur drone agra fur this may become one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal and in your camera bag now what this is this is a wireless hard drive and it can offload content from.

A GoPro or a drone or any kind of camera without the use of a computer they come in a few different sizes this is the 3 terabyte model but you can get them in one terabyte 2 terabyte 3 terabyte and 4 terabyte and there’s not a lot of price difference between the.

2 and 3 terabyte models so I opted to go with the 3 terabyte when you jump up to the 4 there is a significant jump now it’s becoming more and more common nowadays that people don’t own a laptop or computer you can pretty well get by if you’re not a heavy computer user don’t need.

To do a lot of editing and different things like that you can get by with an iPad if you’re just using it for social media some light photo editing sharing different things like that but the problem we.
That iPad cell phones have limited memory and that can be a.

Problem especially if you own a go pro and you have lots of content your iPads gonna be filled up very easily so something like this would be very handy because you can offload your GoPro content or your drone content and store it safely in here works great as a backup drive but it also works as a standalone drive when plugged into a computer it’ll go over that a little more in a.

Bit here now this is a wireless Drive so it does have its own built-in battery and according.
To Western Digital it will last for about 10 hours.

And that was based on stream in a 7:20 movie continuously so it could last longer with occasional use and definitely lasts less if you’re streaming 4k videos so let’s just do a quick demonstration I’ll show you how to offload your GoPro content and then we’ll go over more of the other functionalities and details.

Going to take the memory card out of our session here for the demonstration now when you buy a memory card most likely you’re gonna get.

One of these little adapters and you will need it for this so we’re just gonna.

Put the memory card into the adapter we’re gonna turn on the hard drive and there’s a power button at the back the nice thing with this drive is you just have to plug in your memory card and it will automatically.

Offload the content and it’s a smart drive so it knows what’s been offloaded if you clear out your memory card and then you go and shoot a few more things when you plug it back in it knows what’s already been transferred and it won’t try and retransfer everything over again so the nice thing is when we plug this card in it’ll take.

A minute to recognize it you see there’s four LED lights up top here and they’re gonna light up and that’s your progress bar there we go it’s just starting now and the progress bar will light up as it goes and it’ll just when it’s done all four lights will be lit up and it’ll just stay illuminated until you pull the card out so I got a.

Fair amount of content on that card so we’re just gonna let the data transfer and I’ll be right back okay all the contents now transfer it took about nine minutes there’s.

A fair amount of data on this card and.

You can see that the lights have stopped and they’ll stay lit up until we pull the card out and then it turns and then they.

Turn off now this is very handy in the fact that if you shoot a lot of content you can offload as you go so when you.
Get home and you’re ready to edit you don’t have to spend.

Half a day or a couple hours anyways transferring content now the beauty part of this Drive is we can now connect.

It to our computer or laptop and use it as a traditional drive via the USB 3.0 cable that’s included or we can use the wireless feature and connect our iPads or our iPhones to it so that’s where it makes it really really.

Handy you don’t have to worry about filling up space on your iPhone or iPad you can just transfer the photos and videos over.

That you want edit them and they’ll stay backed up on this Drive now another wonderful.

Feature of this drive is that it can act as a power bank and there’s a 6,400 milliamp battery inside so if you’re out shooting and your GoPro battery gets low you can plug your GoPro into it and charge it up a bit I’ll just show you here quickly on the back here we’ve got a traditional USB port we can plug in our GoPro and you can see now that it’s charging so I just want to show you here quickly to that I’ve powered off the drive.

And it’ll still function as a power bank when the drive is powered off so that’s really really handy for keeping your cameras charged up in a pinch not only that but your cell phone you can charge your cell.

Phone from this now I just want to show you.

Here how it functions as a wireless hard drive with an iPad and what we’ve done is we’ve connected to the Wi-Fi this thing transmits its own Wi-Fi signal so.

In the settings you connect to it and there’s a password so now we’re going to go ahead and launch the Western Digital My cloud app you can download that from the App Store and right away we have an icon here it says storage and this allows us to browse the contents of the drive and when we’re doing sdcard imports there’s.

A little option there and here’s some of the stuff I’ve imported so here I am streaming a video a shot and as you can see it.

Streams very smoothly right from the drive and it you know streams in full resolution so you know you can get a good feel of what it is and from here we can transfer it over to our iPad if we want to edit it or we can share it and do different things that way so now I’m gonna hook it up to.

I can show you how it functions as a drive now for me this is how I’m gonna be using it most of the time I’m using it as a backup drive and as a working drive I have a laptop.

It has a solid-state drive in it and if you have a.

Solid-state drive you know that they’re not very big and you run out of space very quickly now as you can see I’ve just plugged it in and you don’t have to power the drive on when you’re using it with desktop or laptop it functions just like a portable drive then and it’ll run off the power from the USB so there it.


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