Removing The Mid Game!! Greatest Long Passes In Football History – Reaction

What what are you just staying on side whenever you pass can.

We play something like that all right you have to I’ll see Barcelona do that they throw it on the wing and they do a nice touch I’ve seen a couple of clips like that not just in this video.

But you know multiple videos I just don’t understand how that’s done you know under say I like could you have to calculate how far these.

People are from your past if you’re getting to if you’re gonna pass the ball up to someone like to a striker and you’re like what a back you know a back.
Mid or a centre back whatever and you’re trying to.

Like shoot that up to an attacker you have to calculate how close these other people are to that pass so they don’t intercept it or something like that so you have to curve it around the crowd or shoot it right through a certain area or certain pocket so no one can get to the point where people can’t get it that’s where that’s how I.

See passing you know what I’m saying because it’s not just oh I see the person let me see I could just angle it there this man is just calculating okay he’s right there he’s there he’s.

There if I pass it this way and curve it that way it will get.

And he can go on to a shot you are eliminating the mid-game thank you a lot for the request man I.

Fucking love videos like this so go check that out I’ve been talking a lot I’m fucking freaked out and shook anyway Richie link we down in the description down below you know what I did nowhere I won’t know what it is no it’s always here.

On TV eggheads quality lamination I’m gonna catch y’all later you.


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